Right Lets get started

RIGHT time to lunch the site and get things going sorry for the delay but been ill then busy with work.  but i am back will be kicking of my next post shortly. starting with building a cheep retro arcade bar top using a raspberry pi and Hyper pi to give you the ultimate retro arcade with out a expensive pc.

Then will do a upgrade video on my Original Prusa Mk2 to Mk2s once it arrives

i am having a clear in the cave as have a influx of bits i wanna review but have very little space to do so. i have a few days next week to box up and bag up all the extra stuff i dont need in the cave then should have some more room to build stuff.

Up Coming reviews

Trunis 3D printer / Lazer engraver.

Polymakers Polysmoother and polysmooth PLA.

So whats been happening in my cave

I built my first printer.  My original Prusa i3 Mk has been printing some fun stuff over the last few months. just a few images some of the cool stuff i have built.

Retro Mario Cube Link: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1721234

The chaos of the man cave with some new figures i have printed awaiting paint need to clear and re organise.

Candy machine  Link: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1453445

Fidgit Spinner with 9.5mm ball bearings and 608ZZ bearings Link: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1970961

Will start the build of arcade cabinet later and start posting some images.

LED Have landed so lets get them prepped for the print and build.

Right as i am waiting for my printer to ship have been getting prepped for adding some mods.  so first project will be adding some LED panels so i can light up the printer and monitor the printer remotely. the reason for doing this is the printer is housed in the man cave and as much as i love watching my prints. i also have to do other things when printing. with  octo print i can keep a eye on prints and stop failed prints before getting a big mess.

Will cover octo print set up on a raspberry pi 3 in a build project in the near future.

have already sliced the print in slicer for some black PLA  the led panels were brought off ebay for a cheep price form Hong Kong and took around 2 weeks to come they are so cheep £2.08

the connectors supplied were for interior lights. luckily the 2 pin connectors that they join to are easily available to buy and have already made up 2 x 1 meter leads.  I have been talking with Scott Smith from prusamk2.com who did the remixed on this design for the lights and he has recommended hooking them directly to power supply so when printer is on lights are on. might add a switch in the near future. have seen several other designs but ended up with these as in have ordered the multi material upgrade for printer so will need the space on top bar.

Tools Used:

  • Wire cutters.
  • Wire stripper.
  • Crimping tool.

Connectors / Materials Used:

  • 2 x 12V Car 48 SMD White LED Lights
  • 2 Pin Dupont Housing Female Free Terminal Connectors.
  • 1 Meter red wire x 2
  • 1 Meter black wire x 2

Cut wire in to  lengths of 1 meter.   Strip tips by 5 mm twist and place in to the crimp connector now for the fiddly bit crimp small crimp part on front of connector to hold the wire then crimp the wire sleeve in the second one.

will add some images of the crimping process.

you can then insert them in to connector they will only fit one way.  Once i have my printer will document connecting them up to the power supply as apparently theirs a 12v spare connection on it.

Setting up the studio

Been a busy week, in the man cave setting the studio up. its not been with its failures as my old trust 32″ monitor went poof.

Lucky I have managed to find temporary monitor not as impressive but hay it works. have managed to test the live stream for a brief rambling of a mad man. I have ordered all the bits I need for assembling my first project.

the Mancave should be  broadcasting its first live stream soon. Approximately around the 20th Feb post when i have a confirmed date of parts arriving.

To start things off I will be building a new 3D printer as my current one is awaiting new extruder. will review my Trinus in a video soon as Being a Kickstarter funded printer having some teething issues. I’m sure it will be all up and running.

So will be building a Prusa i3 mk2 to start the streaming off. yes I know its been done by a few people already  but hay I got to start some ware.

then will start printing some cool mods for it.

I’m also looking for some suggestions of fun things to build and print.