A bit about me:

i am josh if you had not of guessed i am some one who loves to experiment and tinker with most things i get my hands on.

I have been around the block. i am some one who likes to understand how things work. in some cases modify them to make them better.

Some of you might remember me from my last project the xxxx-in-1.com (no longer running) this was modifying multi arcade board systems.

I had to cut this project short due to some family issues and the reliability of the boards coming out of china also changed.  so i canned it. if you want to ask questions about that project is now my new home.

so what will i be covering on this site well i am looking at 3D printing and design. I have converted a log cabin at the bottom of my garden in to a mancave / work shop. This is were i will be bringing lives streams of projects / reviews and things i learn along the way.

please subscribe to my pages and enjoy.

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