Back in london

Right back in London after a extended working away and a bit of well earned rest.

time to get my printers all calibrated as got some jobs.

i am thinking about rebranding the site still great content but might add more videos and start reviewing stuff and more.

still just an idea but will be fun as always.

going to do some cnc carving with some pine planks i brought before leaving for wales.

first print some head phone holders for the my creative space.

this morning was greeted with spaghetti junction flipped the sheet and printed again came out perfectly

Now printing puzzle box to make sure its fully calibrated.

Missing my Cave

original design done 3 ways

As we are working remotly from our holiday rental property i have been teaching my self a new skill as you know me i love to learn stuff and the lack of other tools here.

So went in 50/50 with the wife on an embroidery machine. so been learning how to do designs for it as a new skill to learn. its a completely different way of doing stuff but a fun learning curve.

One day might relocate the cave to wales at some point in the future as would have the space for more equipment and do more projects.

will be back with new projects in September.

Yes i am alive

Sorry for not posting for a while been in wales for a few weeks going to be staying down longer as got things that i have to fix in the house and other bit. dont i will be back in 3 weeks for more fun with cnc 3d printing and laser cutting also now teaching my self embroidery so will be doing some fun things with that.

i am going to be with my arcade machine i am going to start stripping it back for the mane conversion project i have in mind. so will be posting some updates.

back to the cave in 3 weeks time ish.

Building an Unraid server on a budget.

had an old HP Proliant 350ML G6 kicking around the office we have upgraded to a new server its got a 1.2 tb raid installed and had 5 x spare pair SATA ports. As we are still in lockdown i decided to make the ultimate server on a budget.

you can pick this server up fro around £150 on eBay complete. it was running 16gb of ram and 2.15 GHz processor with 4 core processor. and had a spare port for the second CPU.

I had to buy a second hand mother board due to me damaging second CPU socket and killing the monther board £30 for one shipped with 24gb of memory with it.

I also removed DVD drive to give me 1 extra SATA port for a SSD

on eBay, i picked up 2 x matched CPU 2.56 and 9 rams 4gb DIMMs for around £65 i picked up a GTX 1050 GPU and sound card for around £160 salvaged a 4 port USB card. i was going to use some old 2tb drives out of a raid server but when i the disk performed health check was getting some errors so decided as this project is sponsored by my company would invest in some NAS 4tb drives £104 each so got 5 one will act as a parity drive. also using a 500gb SSD for cache drive files. oh and extra fan for missing CPU slot and fan baffle for £36

i have also added ordered 2 matched six core cpu 3.05 Ghz maxing out the board for £40 will upgrade them when they arrive as coming from asia.

So all in if had brought it from the net i would be in under £1000. 16tb server with 60gb of ram 4 Gb GPU.

the hardware went together very easily i started off by fitting memory to the second processor DIMM slots. i then fitted changed out the first CPU and added the second one. do love big towers only got 2 cuts from heat sink and frame.

All came today and all installed looking nice and full inside the case build is all done. just fits thankfully a little tight in areas. but looking good.

now to turn on V-rt so i can use pass through tech and turn on some other features.

Setting up Unraid got 32gb USB flash drive download installer and flash drive plug it into a USB slot. In my case, the motherboard had an internal USB slot then on boot get into the bios and change boot order i did USB, CD and HD. the system will then boot USB first.

first boot takes a few mins you are greeted with the login screen. the user name is root password is blank.

you are then greeted with a register for trial or buy screen click trial.

would recommend adding community app plugin there are lots of guides on this but basically you to unraid web site and look in the footer for apps store and look for plugin url then go to add the plugin and then past it there a few seconds later all installed.

next up you going to need to build an array in my case its 5 drives, 4 for data and one parity drive for back up just in case one drive fails .

next up is adding services and some virtual machines going to be running Windows 10 and Ubuntu desktop 20.4.

First you will need to enable the array and set dockers going. would recommend looking on you tube space invader one seems to have some good tutorials.

I am currently clearing down 2 TB drive so i can make a back up of business array then will have an off-site backup as well as the current live version. this will live sync every day.

so far i am impressed with the unraid system couple of glitches but stable.

Starting to get things working.

Will update this project as i add to it. have set an octofarm server going and its also managing all the house entertainment. looking at other addons as well. have set up OpenVPN so i can tunnel into the server work from it remotely have 3 virtual machines running. processor seam so working ok till i get the extra 4 cores going 12 cores 24 threads but that’s a few weeks off.

going to be out of London for a week hoping to get one more project done before i leave as have also been running it back to back with wast board. but might break it into two parts as 3d printing side done but now going to work on making some aluminium clamps with fusion 360 and CNC machine. this is a new idea so as going to be in deepest darkest wales will use spare time to teach myself manufacturing.

Will post the 3D brackets project tomorrow or Saturday.

CNC New Waste Board

New day new project after having a few failures due to double-sided carpet tape failing to hold bits down I have decided to modify my sacrificial board. saw someone do this on a youtube video so i have decided to make my own.

The Idea

Now as the board is bigger than max dims of the milling machine I am going to have to take some true measurements of limits of the machine. As the size of my sheet in the program.

I have these hammer in M5 t-nuts about 100 of them that brought a while back for this project. But then realized that the bed was smaller and my original plan would not work.

So I know the board size is 300 x 400 well according to the manufacture.  the wasteboard is actually sized as 380 x 550. Now to home the machine then figured out limits. In mach3 start off by homing all then zeroed X & Y. I then moved y and x to there limits and noted down the size in my case this was 227.6 x 387 so this is the material size. There is an extra 20 mm in x and y if I wanted as soft limits stop 10mm from each axis but happy with that as gives me room. Now on to the design side.

The design

This is double-sided job and my first attempt at one. So the first side is top side so going to my resurfacing tool to do a pass at .5mm as I know nothing has cut in that deep in the past. it will then do the edge bit

Then next up going to make a grid that is 25mm squares each square corner will have 6mm hole in it for bolt holes. To going to use v-bit to make grid followed by 6mm end mill to make holes the will stop 1.5 mm shy of the bottom of the board.

Side 1

Side 2 will have 17mm x 1,5mm deep circles over the holes to allow for the nut holders to be recessed into the wood.

Side 2

the rendered model looks a lot better.

side 1 rendered. i have lessened the grid depth
Side 2 renderd.

The process

I have already drilled 4 holes in the board to hold it in place i need to still get some shorter bolts and counter sink the nuts but that will be done after i have run the program

Side 1

This is going to be a 3 tool change process. we are going to start with 22 mm surfacing bit to a depth of 0.5mm to clean off any damage done to board it will then run around the edge of the board, the second pass will be drill function using 6 mm end mill. Finally will run v bit to make the grove grid. and outer border.

Side 2

One pass 6 mm end mill and the job is done. this pass will cut 1.5 mm depth 17 mm diameter circle so the trended inserts can be countersunk.

Running the program

Side 1

So first up the skim. in with my surfacing tool and time to zero it. do love the z probe script written by Charlie look at my review on the CNC machine for more details. right all set up to go have no idea on speeds and feeds on this. ok first and the second attempt failed miserably think i know why my rpm was far too slow so gave up for the night. new day new vigour lol did some light reading overnight and found my Spindle will go up to 24000 rpm i was running way slow for bit size so have adjusted tool to 18000 rpm from 1800 will try this again today.

Ok i am dumb i have miss calculated the size of material doh re-run the edges then hit the soft limits so did some recalculations and then rehashed my board completely.

Luckily being CNC no damage done so the board adjusted the gcode and off again i went with the board skimming. so process 1 ended up as 3 processes dont worry have made adjustments to the master files.

Some pictures of the resurfacing process. in process.

The re designed board:

Side 1 redesigned.
Side 2 re designed

Next up the grid. so out with the 30 mm surface tool. in with the v bit and time to zero the tool.

right holes tomorrow and then time to flip the board. hopefully will line up not sure if i should enlarge cut out just as the flip is the unknown hopefully will work out

Now to swap tools and put the end mill in and zero the tool. before running the 98 holes that need cutting. all ready for me to press start later. as the son had his nap got vacuum over the baseboard.

cleaned and ready to drill.

Disaster forgot to enable the spindle when on a destructive path gouging through grid i then reset but it had moved waste board and then ended up drilling through the bed in 2 places destroying 6mm endmill in process. managed to save it by flipping board so going to start again and not be so tired when playing with CNC machines.

Redone first 3 stages now for the flip going to finish off by drilling manual thought 2 halves as not to risk damage.

drilling done.
side 1 done.

Back on track and only another evening to waste on the board cnc humour.

continuing on with 6 mm end mill so no need to zero the tool final run of the cnc machine for this project. Well, i thought that was going to be the case but no i was wrong.

going to be glad to see the back of this project lol.

Right, this has gone a little wired on me as most of the circle are circle but some are not i think its to do with the soft limits stopping the bit from moving i think i am going to have t rethink side 2 of the board. Depth has not penetrated the holes so going to have to drill each one manually. oh and final fuck up they are not central to where i drill through the board.

So back to program and time to rethink design. the joys of doing things your self lol ill be worth it in the long run though lol. going to skim the board by 1.5 mm and then should be able to finish off machining of the board. I hope.

side 2 remixed for the 3rd time

will run that tomorrow as had enough tonight and it is 1 am again one day i will go to bed early. its a curse.

Another day first up out with an electric drill and six mill drill 98 holes to do drilled and now am going bolt the board down and run the skim and dam it, I have miscalculated the skim by 0.25 mm so time to modify the program. and run it again went well till dust shoe dropped had to kill the cut 20mm from the end of the run. Right enough is enough mach 3 g-code editing here we go figure out where it turns to run the last side edited the code to start there and away it went job done.

all skimmed ready for t nuts.
front re done

98 t-nuts to hammer in to the wast board and its done.

can see the damage it di in the first run and the skim i had to do and now hammer time.
all hammerd in now to flip it hope none fall out and mount it back on the bed.

The finished item only took week to run in the end all a good learning curve as most projects are already thought of my next project for the machine just need to get some aluminum and some M5 screws. also going to make some 3d printed ones as well.

all done at last.

Now to make some clamps over to fusion 360 to make my own as don’t want to spend out when i can design and make it my self metal and plastic

So that will be then next project should have 3d printed side done buy end of the week. that will be part one part 2 will be me teaching my self fusion 360 manufacturing.

keep reading.

Ok time for a new project well finishing one CNC enclosure and loose ends on the CNC machine.

Started stripping out the old hardware going to use a perspex window mounded to the unit with some flat head threaded rivets. Screw knobs 6 on the big window. then going to buy a A3 sheet if perspex and drill the 2 corners and cut a window out of the tool end with the same side panel but hinged on the top end. with to thumb knobs.

going to find some brackets to print to make the enclosure more scure.

will make sense when you see it.

Still not sure if i need a better dust collector going to get a mask as mdf is nasty stuff.

Going to re-run line vacuum line as it pulling the board also going to look at 65 mm dust shoe. to print.

But will work on that going to mount a camera on the outside of the enclosure looking in as the go pro went flat on me last night. then should be able to get good footage.

will start the documenting of it all tomorrow.

Starting to look at doing some fun stuff think i will get some hard woods to play with.

started looking at some dust shoes last night found one i realy liked the look of but its missing the brush part of the shoe. lots of people asking designer for it. no responce unlike most people who would just find another one. i desided to remix it with the brush attachment.

So pulled stl in to fusion 360 i then used it to reffrence shape and made the rest as i whent looks nice now to test it so first job of the day when i get to the man cave is to load the printer with some Petg and print this out.

this is the original design

orignal design

the part i designed is in grey on the image below.

bit in gray is what i designed as was missin from download
divits are for 6 x 2 magnets

I also made a inlay for brush strip to be inserted.

now to print it all

Just waiting on the wife to wake up from her sat morning lie in and will put some petg on the printer and start the print looks nice and compact so hoping will be more effective than the last shoe. as was a little bulky also means i can leave brush off and show you the cutting in action. as just held on with magnets. more later.

first part done now to test fit before i go any further.

First part printed will test fit it in a short while need to still dial in the other printer would be doing this with both running.

fits like a glove will now print the cavity part back in 4 hrs if i am still up and then will do the final part the bit i made and hopefully it all fits together. by tommorow will have a working dust shoe so far its nice and compact need to find some brush for it as mine is too big.

after diner will mark drill and make large observation window and make a mock-up for tool change window. then going to fire up my birthday present from wife a mini router and cut the window out that will probably be tomorrow if time allows. will then order some 4 mm A3 perspex and do i attempt to print my own hinges, hmm maybe i will to save some money.

also going to look for a enclosure camera mount or something that will suite my application.

So a bit of graft with some research more later

Ok! I sat down mistake I know just printing tonight will get this one off the bed then i will get the next one printing so by morning i should have a working prototype now to look for brush for the shoe.

second part done

Right 10 min cool down and will go remove it from the bed and start on the last part hopefully will all fit together.

away we go night all back tomorrow for more fun.

from design to production in less than a day do love 3d printing.

Morning all well afternoon had a lie in this morning was a late one. but parts are finished off. Will go down and see it fits before i apply the magnets as i have limited supply.

Just need to do a test fit. and find some brush. in fact that what i am going to do now.

It fits like a glove going to make a custom brush for it shortly might cut a broom down and hot glue gun the bristles in place.

will post remix shortly on Thingiverse and make public will post more images shortly once done hoping to do more on the enclosure later.

to make the above you will the following parts off Thingiverse.

Right Fitted the hardware and magnets have fitted it to spindle works well and is nice and compact has great suction too. just need to make the brush up next. not sure the best way to do this might buy a roll of PVC door blind material 2mm. and cut it down then make slits all around for brush part. limits are spot on got to love fusion 360 love my hobby licences free to makers and such a powerful tool i still need to do a course on it and learn its full potential.

Hardware and magnets inserted no need for glue limits spot on.
fits like a glove
zoomed out shot will do test tomorrow

Have started to drill holes for rivets i will then drill 2 fixing holes and mount perspex on to thumbscrews will drill these holes slightly bigger as gives me movement after i have drilled it then will drill a further 4 holes to racking so six screws in total. Drill batteries went flat waiting for a charge. before i mark and drill other holes.

2 holes drilled 4 to go then rivet time.

Think i will then move the suction hole to the top of enclosure might cut vacuum hose using 40 mm pipework to run a cleaner line to vacuum. going to do a test cut and see how it performs now with the different shoe.

Going to do that tomorrow as getting late again. will take a couple more shots later when i go take the battery off charge.

2 rivets in the hole just need to squish them need to change the head from 3 mm to 6 mm might actually do all the 3 mm holes first so i can then just concentrate on the 6 mm.

time to sleep back tommoorow.

Right been working on a day job in the man cave but have had time to drill and rivet all the side access holes.

I am going to get some cheap opaque 4 mm perspex from the local DIY store. and some insulation foam tape to stop dust coming out.

But that will be tomorrow as will be going out to the office. so will stop on my way back.

found a sacrificial broom to cut the bristles out of and glue into the shoe well that’s if i can get it to fit. The plan is to cut each bristle in 2 and put masking tape around the middle to holder them together till glued.

Will post images later. Going to run test cut tonight need to do some side projects for a friends gift but won’t cover that just in case he sees it.

Test run worked well wow the cave heats up and the vacuum is very noisy might have to see how to get a quieter vaccum.

Away way we go going with less dept and and more speed.

It turned out well going to need to do some minor sanding then to paint it.

all v bit cuts done just end mill pass to run

Just need to run the cut out pass but will that tomorrow happy with my progress going to get some different woods to play and some aluminum.

New 4 axis mpg.

Managed to install new MPG had some issue installing as it was not quite registering as in showed up on the PC but wouldn’t move. was about to send a shitty email to the ebay seller but. held off i consolted google and came up a blank i then remember last one dident like usb 3.0 plugs so I tried that. it then worked i will now to set up the macros as then can press button to do actions.

Did find a video on adding custom macros as want as the system uses it uses its own z prob script. the video showed how to get the mpg to work with 3rd party macros. to add z probe function and a few others. so i will start making a list of macros to add to the mpg. that might be a job of the day as the weather is not on my side today.

Will be going to the local hardware store later for some perspex and wood later. i managed to mark out the base board for its window cut out if the rain lets up later will cut it out when my son has is nap. as then can start putting things together. ready for perspex sheeting later.

little hard to see pencil marks but theirs a window there this is for quick access for changing tools.

right i will update more later if i can get it cut out today. the sun came out and the son finally slept window is now cut now to wake the boy.

Tool change window. now to seal it all up and make it dust proof it.

Tonight will screw it all together and make it as dust proof as possible. more later on this.

back from DIY store, i couldn’t get any perspex so got a sheet of 6 mm MDF will make it out of that for time being COVID-19 limited supply’s.

have marked it up ready to cut sheet down and add holes and rivets then will use foam backed tape to act as a gasket, will then use 3 x M6 screw knobs to hold sheet in place.

Cut the sheet down using my bosh multi tool cut though the MDF like butter. The MDF is temporary till i can get perspex. The joys of covid-19. i then drilled the fixing holes for the panel i then held up the MDF in position. I marked thorough the drill hole on the mdf. i then drilled the marked hole. I then fitted first flat rivet in the hole and fixed it in place with the rivet gun. then placed the MDF back ant attached it using the plastic M6 knob. I then marked up the renaming 2 holes. I then drilled them both and applied rivets to both holes.

New tool door quick access.

I then attached 6 mm insulation tape all around the window to stop dust escaping

lots of foam tape to help dust escaping.

I have also attached cabinet edge blocks through the enclosure to seal it up. need to get some more duct tape to seal to the racking.

its nice and snug

will take some pictures shortly but happy with it so far just need to play some more the system i think I might get a 1m hover extension pipe so it can be plugged in and out.

will measure that tomorrow and have a look at options.

have reprogrammed the mpg script so my z zeroing prob will now work on the mpg just need to figure out what custom macros i am going to install to it.

and it works liking this.

with to door off it gives great access to the front with 3 turn screws about 3 turns to release front and six to do the sides.

door open

I have a few bits to add to this project but they can be done as when i will update and post.

At last a proper review of 3040T Chinese CNC machine

Why i got this machine?

As some one who loves his 3D printer and laser engraver/cutting machines. that all operate on g-code and x and y and z axis thought a CNC machine would be the next bit of kit to get and should be a doddle to progress in to.

Well, its been my biggest doorstop for a long time and with the help of a few videos and the terrible instructions that came with it i now finally after a years have a fully operational machine. I brought the machine at the end of 2017 as got a good deal on it. was shipped over from Germany turned up in 3 boxes. Was a scary thought as the first box turned up on day one second and 3rd came a day later.

Why review this now.

This is being placed here as a help guide for others as limited information on these machines and not much help for the beige machine not the one with black control box same name but works using a serial port controller.

I went with the USB controller version as did not have any old school pc machines kicking around with water-cooled spindle.

the software link was emailed to with Mach 3 rnr motion controller plugin and some instructions for a 3020 machine in Chinglish.

So i built and set up the machine according to guide. spindle fired up and had movement. went full-on with a complex engraving program machine started and crashed into x and y-axis hit estop nothing happen pulled the plug. the fear across my face what was i doing wrong. then tried something less complex again was not working for me axis were flipped and not working right.

My son was born so my life was turned upside down. so it was stored in a part completed enclosure.

Every time the wife travelled down to wales or i had a spare moment or so i tinkered with the machine not getting any ware i then took control box apart to see what the controller was.

it’s called MACH3 USB controller card red card there is not much on it found pinout for the board.

From that, I figured out i could add limit and home switches using, figured out that IN1 was E-stop IN2 was limit switch IN3 was home switch IN4 was for a probe.

Added some wires and drilled out a hole to run the wires out. tried touch ground and end nothing while trying to configure in mach 3 first auto-config wouldn’t work as not serial card nothing was showing on the diagnostic page. gave up again.

Was driving me nuts was seriously thinking about selling it. bit the bullet and re-read the install guide started with a fresh install on the newly built pc. looked at each screen grab page noticed that pin was all set to port 3 with different pin number so e-stop was port 3 pin 1. hit estop machine stopped eureka moment. I then followed these and added 2 and 3 and 4 for limit, home switches and probe.

i then tried to configure soft limits to solve crashing issues. no joys kept on crashing not working correctly. was driving me nuts thought well my 3d printer and later both use limit switches might try that.

I ordered some micro switches were not sure how to install them as all things i found on Thingiverse were for older machines or wrong machine type. again life and time got in the way fast forward to the lockdown of covid-19 as stuck at home and finished off my backlog of jobs in the mancave.

i desided to give my self a week to get it working or sell it. after watching a few videos i desided to remix a microswitch holder giving it adjustment then armed with some M3 tape i stuck mu limit and home switches in place in series so 3 for homing and 3 for limits.

mach3 works that the home switches after homeing become limit witches. so if tripped E-stop is activated. cool cannot damage the machine.

i then revisited softlmits and realised the error of my ways looking at the videos realised that safe zone 1.0000 was 1″ and i was running in mm so 1mm is noting now set to 10mm so has a chance to stop before hitting limits.

so now had fully operational machine. will drill and tap all my switches eventuly but for the time being it works dont fix it.

Would i recommend buying a small hobby cnc?

3040T yes i would but be prewarned as will all Chinese product there if no support unless helped by the community. you will need to understand your bed and zeroing where your material placed on that bed.

i am still working out which software will be easiest for me to understand when it comes to designing love fusion 360 not used the CAM side of it yet. have just made some suff using freeware and free trials.

Thanks for helping getting my machine dialed in.

For end-stops and z probe and edge finder script would recommend Charlie Sarsfield you tube channel got me thinking on how to fix stuff. also has a edge finding tool for zeroing the machine i am yet to install this. but on my list of mods.

would also check out GruBrew channel for tips on limit and home switches and google for series wiring of micro switches.

If you are in the same boat i was please feel free to contact me and will gladly pass on my knowledge.

Prusa Mk2s to Mk3s Update

Finally after 4 weeks of waiting my upgrade is here..

So whats in the box?

So after an hour of taking your old machine a part you will get to section 15. So all i need all the stepper motors 2 pulleys the led screen cables and cover if your sticking with the colours and that it. Everything else is new. Oh, and threaded rod lifters missed that.

Next up the printing now if i did not have PETG in my collection I would be doing a 36hr print using the 2 rolls of pet supplied with the update kit. But as i have been prepared for a while i did this in Ultraviolet PETG and Black PETG. parts already printed.

Now to let the fun begin. armed with my own Allan keys and magnetic dish and the free Haribo Goldenbears. That will keep me going time to build my self an Mk3s. this will be over several nights as like taking my time it can be done Quicker but I am no pro.

Y-axis and frame are done

so is x managed to crack a part so going to reprint idler side of the X-axis whilst i have put violate back in my Prusa Mk3s .

I saw when building Y-axis that Prusa has updated belt tensioner. so that’s going to be done overnight as well.

10% in then i can get x finished.

also couldn’t go any further i missed 2 bits off the list of parts and thankfully there in storage so i will need to swing by and grab them tomorrow after stock check at office and meeting new tenants.

so will resume tomorrow loving the colour.

been a stop start as over night parts fitted but then noticed motor end was cracked so reprinted it. 4 hours.

I then realised updated parts need different motor mount as they won’t fit if not. so back to old-style as could not bare another 4hrs print. and wanted to get it built. added the missing trapezoid nuts that i retrieved from the storage unit.

so finally fitted Z motors and rods added X axis to Z axis. and screwed it all done.

Went to start the extruder and soon realised the link i had been given was mk3 not a mk3s so i am now printing over night the upgraded bits.

So that as far as i can go today.

back on the shelf till tomorrow.

parts off the printer and off we exstruder motor monunt fitted hotend installed and magnets for filament sensor all installed. righ now to install the x carrage. oh its diffrent looks like another 4hr print. missing 2 bits as the x carage has 2 parts hoping this i my last delay in the build.

all done hoping last delay

think i might run thought the rest of the instructions and make sure they haven’t updated anything else. pretty sure it was just the extruder they did upgrades on but going to have a quick look.

exstruder all done. time to fit to the frame.

Was a late one last night managed to build and install the extruder fit the PSU and LCD oh and heatbed.

Now on the home straight wire management and controller board and we are done on the build hoping to do that at boys nap time then just pre flight checks and we are good to calibrate.

Wiring and cable management time..

all wired preflight checks done time to calibrate my machint.

All done and z height calibrated now to home ultraviolet the cave make sure webcam is in the right location and we are good to go. the mark not the screen is as its off old machines managed to damage a while ago but works fine so not going to change it.

Z cablibrated moved in to its home

needs some web camera adjustments do them later.

will do some calibration testing later now to print the spooler in orange and new control knob for neon orange. will update more later. give my summery of the upgrade kit and build.

COVID-19 Blog keeping things going during the lockdown

This is a daily blog that i will be doing during the lockdown as i want to keep a record and show day to day operation in this strange time. as try to keep my mind off the virus.

Printing lots of PPE and cutting screens for PPE along with making buttons to give away to people rasing money for the NHS our life and blood in the UK. during this strange times.

Then today i finally got around to looking at my Prusa i3 Mk2s MMU yes i know i have promised for months i was going to do it. been sitting in the house for 2 night keep putting it off. to day i decided to take a look so took off the mixer and noticed that the Square nut that the mixer head goes in to was not aligned in the hole so i out it were it should be and thought wouldn’t be that easy well it was managed to print a calibration cube dialed in the first layer just printing some wall brackets as i am going to be running filament from above.

So now have 2 working prusa’s do i look at the CR-10 tomorrow and got for the hat trick.

Have also made moved my resin printer out the way so i can have both printers next to each other. just printing brackets so i can mount my spools of filament above the printer. will check out the MMU at a later date as PPE is what i am running.

just printing bracket for MMU before install the second printer. will update the post when done.

lets see how this works just installed this bracket from thingivers can download it here will need some ptfe tube to get the bracket working.

Next up will be moving my heat press’s out of my workshop and install my cr-10 back into the man cave to get a 3rd machine running. Well hopefully as i am on a roll of fixing and braking stuff mmu went down again last night my fault but back in the game again now adjusted idlers wrongly. now ready to print again.

So once i have had a postman come should have more filament till then i will use up my old supplies. No filament found some Neon Pink in my store so some colourful prints coming up.

going to start date and time stamping live blog as i do more work on my machines.

17/04/2020 23:05

bah mmu down again got one more thing to try if not i will go back to the drawing board. or bite the bullet and get the upgrade to mk3s full kit. did not even manage a full print.

also dident get a chance to do cr-10 last night as put the boy to sleep and felt knackered.

18/04/2020 10:30am

any how enough excuses back on with trying to get the mmu and cr-10 going.

18/04/2020 14:30pm

CR-10 is shorting issue as plugs come lose looking for a pin out diagram.

18/04/2020 20:05pm

Found it on my one of my prior posts Doh. i have just pulled my gas soldering iron out and re solderer properly. Just got to put the boy to sleep and we are good to flash the freshly compiled firmware then will build a raspberry pi for it and add it to the network.

18/04/2020 21:08

Flashed sd card with fresh copy of octoprint now to get to on the house wifi before then have to change it for the mancave wifi later but for configuration house it. just going to dig out a USB cable bring the printer back in and then the fun can begin.

Going to flash the firmware with latest version of TH3D firmware.

18/04/2020 22:28

Right its not going to happen tonight i have a  thermistor showing an ambient temperature of 730c its a silicon heat bed so not sure i just change it going to do some reading and call it a night will resume in the morning.

Happy modding printing creating and enjoy these strange times.

19/04/2020 11:49

Morning all back on the case had some thoughts about some further testing on the cr-10 as it might be a motherboard issue so going to get my multimeter out and probe the thermistor with my trusty multimeter to see what readings i get as when recompiled the firmware last night to not have the silicon bed it dropped to 499c so wondering if its an issue with compensation with software. so will take some readings should see 100.00 ohms ish for room temp are right or wrong. if right will approach the TH3D and ask some more questions. i have also been donated a motherboard from the 3dprinting kid so might do a complete board swap out. see if that fixes the issue.

Have a user of the Prusa owners group come back with some suggestions so might give that a go as well see if we can get the MK2s mmu stable as have all the parts. first some family time. as i have set first print of the day going. more mask frames. got to cut some buttons.

19/04/2020 18:05

Been struggling to do much today but have taken a reading on my CR-10 figured out it 100k thermistor found this chart as is am seeing around the 144.9 figure. so around 17c will take a measurement later as its on one of our storage sheds and the tumble dryer is running to make sure this is changing temp correctly. I have put a thermometer in the room to give an estimate of temp as the bed should be colder.

he chart below is just to help others

So tonight will swap over the control board with the one i have been given and then see if we can get this all working before i turn my attention to the Prusa tomorrow,

got 200 screens to cut tonight once my boys in bed and going to do some more buttons have cleaned and made ready 225 night before last ready to ship out.

see how time goes as got to some filming for my business as putting together some how-to videos for products.

Will update later after eaten and little one has gone to bed.

19/04/2020 21:11

Time to take a CR-10 to bits one more time hopefully for the last time of the week. wish me luck.

19/04/2020 23:30

swapped over the motherboard reflashed the new board and still, no joy time to ask for help have emailed TH3D as they are the supplier of my levelling probe and ezout sensors.

2 hrs of my life i wont get back lol.

going to call it a night.

22/04/2020 17:50

Sorry for lack of updates busy 2 days cutting printing and trying to fix printers.

have been looking over marlin config files have found a line of code that i am going to try \\ and see if that solves high temp ambient heat.

bitten the bullet on my prusa mk2s mmu going to upgrade to mk3s as then will have 2 reliable printers. 2 to 3 weeks wait but will double my output.

been playing cutting speeds as 1hr 30 mins to cut a sheet of buttons is too long going to cut faster with more power and have changed power and speed on engraving so should be 37 mins per sheet. will test later as want to get the buttons out.

Some images of last night.

more coming later.

As i have ordered the upgrade kit i will need to do some prep before the gets here in 2 to 3 weeks so i am going 1 disassemble the mks2s mmu and salvage 5 motors and 2 pulleys with bearings the lcd screen and surround. i also have a 19hr and 15hr pteg print for parts needed will cover this soon.

23/04/2020 00:38

Have printed 14 frames today and cut 140 screens jigs starting to fail going to make new version as hav had some ideas. Also cut another 100 buttons.

Calling a night here.

Going to attempt one more thing on the cr-10 before giving up for now might strip down the prusa tommorow and will start on parts for the upgrade on week end as want all in place by the time it gets here. So will just be a build. Might stream the build if all goes well.

24/04/2020 17:00

Right it the end of the road for the CR-10 for the time being as i cannot find an answer so into the attic it goes. got 4 sheets of buttons to run tonight and as that is going on will strip down the Prusa mk2s mmu and take the 8 bits that are needed to keep. rest will go into bag of bits as spares.

still printing ppe in the background though i will need to do a 19hr and 15hr print to get the bits for the upgrade i am in 2 to 3 week Que on Prusa website but like to be prepared for the arrival and have everything in place. more later.

24/04/2020 23:20

been bust have stripped most of the bits from the Prusa mk2s that i need. till got to get 2 bearings and 3 motors but won’t take long to have all the bits i need for the upgrade. already studied the manual back to front.

I have decided to do first long print with PETG i am scared as never used it, I have heard mixed things about it. So have loaded some Prusa PETG it into the machine and embarked on the black bits for the mk3s upgrade and so far so good.

away we go First PETG print time to brave it.

monitoring it remotely from my lounge as finishing off 77 more buttons.

feeling happy its seems to be holding to the bed will be keeping a eye on go back later and take a picture later

Will go check with it later on before i go to bed on quality so far so good.

6% done holding to the bed fingers crossed.

right time to sleep. blog tommorow

25/04/2020 12:19

Afternoon all just a quick update printing going well 14hrs in to 19hr print.

Next up the Orange or in my case translucent red for the orange parts and new then new knob and LCD screen surround. that i have just sliced ready for print. all sliced for a 4hr print so around 40hrs of printing for all the parts needed to make Prusa printed parts for upgrade.

Back on to button cutting later 3 more sheets of 77 buttons to complete and i am up to date.

24/04/2020 23:01

Right done 2 sheets of buttons done just need cleaning. The black PETG parts all done not sure i have to redo the wire support part got to load the stl up and have a look. then took my red which is violet translucent wow.

love it wow going to be a fun upgrade.

Had to be done so halfway through a 15hr print then final 4 hours of new LCD screen housing. Right I am done for today.

I have been busy cutting material patterns for my wife side project.

fun with the co2 laser.

Made some more studio lighting for overhead filming using led tape and dimmer switch.

Getting the old printer ready been a fun little side project still cannot believe what is going on in the world today.

all that is needed for the upgrade from old printer.

Hopefully Joseph Prusa will pull it out of the bag nice and quick. 2-3 weeks hoping for more like 2.

will be back on PPE tomorrow happy that i seem to over come my fear of PETG.

going to try having a early night.

26/04/2020 8:45

Morning all well 2 hrs till the next plate of parts are done. then just the lcd display surrond and controls knob so in around 6 hours should be all done.

2hrs to go 15hr print.

The last sheet of buttons todo today then going to cut some more material for the wife as she is making rainbows for NHS back later.

26/04/2020 10:35

Well another full sheet of parts for the incoming Prusa upgrade kit. one more 4hr 19min print and i am done till kit arrives right time to clear the bed. make some breakfast.

All done next up screen cover.

19 seconds time laps of a 15hr print for your entertainment.

26/04/2020 10:43

Morning all another day finally got all parts printed for Prusa upgrade just printing a wall-mounted spool holder as my broom handle isn’t working as well as i would like it, so as i am on a roll with PETG i thought why not do a wall mount spool holder for the smaller spool hole so now 3 hrs into 7 hr print. button production is all done just need to go to the post office and post them. if rain passes will go for a family walk.

27/04/2020 17:20

Nearly done at 90% then to mount it to the wall and print more masks. been looking at the nyloc mod going to do some more research on it but might be a good one to do.

have also figured out my camera mount is not good for tall items see image below.

28/04/2020 20:22

More upgrades going on if they all work then repeat for my ultraviolet Prusa Edition going to do the nyloc mod as looks like will help make on making the bed flat. Done using a plugin and manual adjustments looks good. I have ordered bits so i can do it. have also ordered some bits

so what mods am i printing well i have had to print a new guide for the filament as been warn away with my makeshift broom handle spooler. I printed a new one yesterday and forgot to post pictures must be losing it. Well, I installed it and has some issues with it so adding some wall management and pulleys to aid filament supply to the printer.

28/04/2020 23:44

New camera mount came out great. waiting on magnets 6mm x 2mm should have them tomorrow as then won’t suffer from bumping camera and have a fixed rail so can move up and down.

New filament guide in PETG came out great as well so now have smooth feed.

Filament management is currently on the printer should finish at 1am so wont be waiting up on that one as going to bed soon.

parts are on there way for this so tomorrow will be a day of pictures have managed to produce 6 frames today but had 2 failures down to filament snag so stopped to get this working.

Right early night for me i hope. seems to be 2 am every morning. will post images tomorrow. once i have had 5 mins to edit them.

29/04/2020 18:39

Been another busy day doing day job got parts in will assemble them later and post more images and information later. just got to strip down my racking of heat press as not doing any sublimation work in this climate so will put it in the attic till I’m back doing sublimation work.

going to so some spring cleaning tonight as i want to get my cnc machine working. over this lock down period so going to go through my draws and clear out part i m not going to need a box them up to come back to later. clearing up space so i can get on with fun stuff to entertain you all and learn stuff in the process. I have been prommising my 2 1/2 year old a door sign so will star with configuring the cnc milling machine and see how i get on. seen some nice printed projects for bit for it that i am going to make. will also be printing a dust cyclone.

Go back to printing ppe masks tonight if my modified spooling system works.

30/04/2020 10:20

Was a non-eventful night as having had some issues with z height was late so-called it night not sure whats the issue is might be as moved printer going to have a play this afternoon after work as need my full attention.

30/04/2020 15:15

Back printing was too much tension on my spool idea so have done something that will work for now will do some changes over the next few weeks gives me 2 materials per printer. will show images of half the system in place later new camera mount works very well going to install a dimmer switch to take off the glare fromled light on the print bed.

back printing fist standard speed run before i put the printer back up to high speeds.

I am going to be setting up separate lighting and PSU power on for each machine so i can turn lights on and off independently on each printer. the will both have Logitec C270 cameras monitoring them. with octohub reporting on progress.

need to take current relay module and put in a different housing as its all open putting my HSE hat on don’t like unsafe stuff.

think i spoke to soon as print failed argh going to do some more testing. have lowered the z height .05 let see if that fixes it. gone again going to do some more testing as thinking there something going on somewhere. will investigate later

01/05/2020 00:09

going to perform the nyloc mod tommorow

I do not know what’s going on but will be doing the nyloc mod tomorrow as need my printer back. going to lock up and bed methinks.

02/05/2020 18:00

24hrs later and my machine seems to behaving so having a stay of execution with the nyloc mod.

working at 200% speed.

as its been 2 weeks since i orderd the up grade kit i am starting to think ahead of what will be needed to be done so. i will be printing ppe during the day and doing mods for set up over night.

So first up is the lighting of each printer. so each machine will have separate led lights going with dimmer led tape as easy and cheap. have a shelf width 600 x 900 there’s a bar in the middle of the shelf so have two rectangles of 450 x 600 each will have 4 strips. i think i will inlay the light by 65mm all around the rectangle so tonight’s operation will be to take the shelf off and raise it by one link so i can fit the spooler under the shelf then my 3d vacuum sublimation oven can go back above it.

So have sketched my idea out in fusion 360 i will then tape the 4 strips to the under side of the shelf i will link them with wire final connection will go thought the shelf so i can attach to psu and relay.

when next print finishes i will do the fist part of this by setting up the strips and soldering them. once this has been done i will start on making custom pcb to make the circits for the 2 lights there will be a dimmer controlling both sets before relay controls them independently.

so the set up will have a raspberry pi 3 on each machine controlling power and lamp each set up will have a web camera. and a bar to control the height of the webcam. this will allow me to do awesome time laps using octolaps.

as its hard to visualize will show some images later..

03/05/2020 00:16

Right my light rings are done and old spooler put back and new pulley system for guest filament. i have also done the other side of the shelf ready for the incoming mk3s kit.

I decided to go 80mm instead of 65mm from the edge and drilled centres out for pully both machines. As both machines will have a guest filament input this if for the odd shape spools i get from time to time, in this case, it the BQ filament that i am running PPE on.

I started off by getting my shelf off racking and marking it out before cutting the led tape to size and sticking it down. i then tinned all the pads on it and started to solder link connections.

All done back on with PPE production for the night testing how the new spooling system goes

I then added a second bar for the camera mount as i had raise the shelf by one so i could put everything closer to the printer.

better being closer to the bed.

Lower angle makes for clearer picture for remote monitoring and octolaps.

Right time to get some sleep night all.

03/05/2020 8:55

Morning all going to be another day of printing PPE with a mix of wiring and printing.

so my jobs list for the day making 2 custom raspberry pi wiring looms and then 3d print 2 relay enclosures. I will then will move my raspberry so everything is mounted on the shelf easy to perform maintenance. I will also be doing some better cable management. so by the end of the day, everything should be in place for my 3d printers rack. Apart from the second spool holder, That i need to print and the second printer which i am hoping will be with me this week or next.

here is a system layout of my octopi setup. that i have put together.

layout of system.

First, up will be crimping some wires so will be making a link to relay module power connection to the enclosure. going to need 4 wires for the link to module going to use red and black for power. yellow and green for relay activators yellow for PSU and green for led lights.

03/05/2020 22:31

Right Relay housing is printing in PETG looking lovely it should be done in a hour have started to plan the wiring loom but still just need to pen to paper before getting crimping tools, wire cutters and possibly soldering iron. will make 2 the same as then every thing will be ready just to plug in the printer and go.

New camera angle

then got an 8 Hr print this is the first parts for the new printer’s spool holder will print the base tomorrow and the rollers as well if time permits.I have built my new camera mount for the machine yet to do an Octolaps print might do that tonight to capture the base of the spooler being printed. Great design as held in place with magnets works well with my racking.

PETG with 4 2 x 6 magnets i fitted and glued nice and compact
pockets for magnets

Just finished mask number 32 for the last week. have got 3 bags of masks of Nik and Celab to sort and box up ready to ship.

Going to wait for the current print to finish and i will start the next one going and then going to try getting an early one as every time i sign off end up being up to 2 am. eek, too fast layer sift start again.

04/05/2020 11:01

Morning all was another 2 am as had a layer shift as forgot to slow the print down as PETG and not PPE so had to start over round 23:30 as i was about to go sleep noticed it had finished printing so jumped out of bed and cleared off print and started 7-hour print. finished this morning. so was able to start back on PPE run first thing this morning so will be running them till around 8 before i change back to PETG and do rest of part for spooler as the current one is white might reprint that as well so they match the machines so violet and black for new machine and orange and black for the existing machine.

over night parts came out great

perfect over night printing.

Going to test out the new relay housing and remove old one off the wall transfer all the wiring over going to also move the raspberry pi and do first of the 2 looms tonight figured out the circuit.

Well that was my evening plans cut short as the relay enclosure dont fit the relay. not to worry I have some relays turning up mid week. So will see if they fit other wise will have to make me fit. so just printing base plate of the spool to fill time tonight i moved the camera so time laps is going to be not good. might go move it

Looks like the i knocked the camera.

05/05/2020 17:00

Been out at the office today so left a big print on the printer to keep it busy going to bug Prusa tomorrow as will have been 2 weeks already since i have ordered my printer.

Will post a timelapse later. Still waiting on parts to arrive should have relays today at some point so will get on with wiring later IF they show up. let down by amazon so will be a night off tonight.

well you know me just doing some prototypes for our daily crafting project and printing solder fingers makes joining wires a lot easier.

Just pressed fitted bearings into new spooler got to gut 180 mm of 8 mm threaded rod and put it all together. really need to buy a vice.

06/05/2020 9:18

Well ordered a vice will go pick it up today from screw fix click and collect so i can finish off the spooler, and mount it on the wall.

some images from last night as dident get around to it last night.

06/05/2020 23:40

well, new relays fit with some trimming down of enclosure got my vice cut the bar and assembled new spooler for the second printer. and started second octopi build.

Think first sign of madness is setting in as named my printers and even created custom logos for them. so now features in my stream.

08/05/2020 1;41 am

One day will go to bed early, been busy making looms done both sets of raspberry pi GPIOs looms to 2 channel relays. will post some images tomorrow will write updated GPIOS as went with 12 pin connector makes for a more compact loom. Right time to sleep. tomorrow I will do lighting relay loom and prep second kettle leads to go through the relay to control on/off power to the printer.

08/05/2020 9am

the joys of a 2-year-old am up and first print of the day is on as promised here are images from last nights wiring will do a full schematic shortly. as I need to write it all down. oh and test it all before i publish it.

next up is the relay power side this will control printer PSU and LED lights. Word of warning you are playing with 240 volts don’t do this unless you know what you’re doing. #

going to start off with the led wiring going to need to put the live throught the relay so nc and com. so first off goint to wire up 2 jst connectors from the shelf down to printer shelf.

so out with my new tool i printed solder fingers so time to solder the wires and heat shrink. them. now i have extended the wiring i will join the negative wires into the 2.1 x 5.5 power connector on the positive side i will run 2 wires 1 to each relay com connection then 1 wire back from nc connection on each relay this will connect to the positive connection of the led lights. this will be wired into relay 1 of the 2

Right to get this to work will need to install the enclosure plug-in in octoprint and configure a light on gpio pin 12 this will allow you to set it so the when you start a print the lights will power on and then wen the print completes i will turn the light off. will add images later. once i have done it.

Power side i have taken an old kettle lead i have stripped the isolation off 4 approx cm of the wiring an cut the live. wire i then strip both sides and add a pin connector crimp so will make a nice connection in the relay. the 2 live wires are then put in pins com and NC on relay 1.

On the octoprint setup install psu plug-in and configure pin 11 to trigger power on and off again this can be set to turn off the printer after a print completes.

I will cover this process in-depth later on once done with wiring done. wont go over building octoprint set up as have done this on prior posts.

08/05/2020 23:26

Right wiring done tested had a issue that turned out to be a blown fuse so will put the relay wiring back together and do cable management tomorrow back to printing one more set of frames. at least I know it works,

so what you going to need to do this.

  • 12 pin dupont connectors
  • 4 pin dupont connectors
  • 10 female dupont connectors crimps
  • Crimping tool
  • Wire cutters
  • heat shrink
  • soldering iron
  • octoprint set up
  • raspberry pi 3 onwards.


  • pin crimps
  • pin crimp tool.

I am not going to talk about how to set up octopie as if you search here you will find a guide on that. this is to presume you have octoprint installed and up to date.

you are going to need to install the following plug-ins

  • PSU Control
  • Enclosure plugin
this is the only part of the gpio we are interested in.

the connector i am wiring up is using an extra 5v+ Ground for the cooling fan so that’s optional. just google PI 3 GPIO and you will figure out where to plug in the connector below. white squares are unused pins.

12 pin dupont connection

to match gpio pins above white squares not used.
  • pin 2 = Relay Vcc +5v
  • pin 4 = Fan + 5v
  • pin 6 = Fan – Ground
  • pin 9 = Relay Ground
  • pin 11 = GPIO pin 11 PSU on/off trigger
  • pin 12 = GPIO pin 12 Lights on/off trigger

4 pin dupont connector

match colours wiring
  • pin 1 VCC Red wire
  • pin 2 GPIO Lights Trigger Green Wire
  • pin 3 GPIO PSU Trigger Yellow Wire
  • pin 4 Ground Black wire

connect to duel relay board match vcc and ground. on the relay 4 pin connector

relay 1 is PSU power so will need to split the positive connection to the live feed obviously do this when unplugged from mains voltage.

Insert one end of the split wiring into com connector and the other into NC (Normally Closed) and screw tight.

Now for relay 2, this is where it gets a little hard to explain but i will try my best i have a screw terminal 2.1 x 5.5 power connector female have joined te 2 negatives from both sets of lights to negative connection. the live side has 2 wires joined together one for each set of lights each wire goes to each sets com connection then the NC side has the positive wire from the led lights so each relay has its equivalent.

right to make my ramblings more legible have done this wiring diagram.

hopefully this will make more sense.

all wired up. now to configure the software side.

fist up click on psu controll in configuration set the settings as set below.

copy this to get it to work

no scroll down. To power offer, i have mine set up for longer at the moment as keep going in and out to take prints off the bed. but if not usually set the power-off time for 30 mins.

set idle time out for 30.

going to look in to sensing as GPIO pin options as might make things easier as when it turns off using commands usb port times out so will see what happens if i use gpio method over comes that.

Next up go to enclosure plugin

set output type to regular IO

label in my case is lights.

id number 12

I am going to investigate other features in the future. As print start to turn on the lights and 30 mins after the print ends will turn off lights. in theory. will try that out tomorrow.

system should be working now. will add more as i do it.

09/05/2020 11:17

Going to be a busy day, will continue guide above first print of the day is on the printer when that is done should be son’s nap time so will do some cable management going to move printer out. then run all the cables stick the relay housing down and screw the pi enclosure to the wall. i will then refit the printer and continue printing and repeat for the other printer space so when it’s here can build install and print.

00/06/2020 22:38

Was mother in laws birthday to day so time has been limited to running frames will do the install tomorrow instead. have been updating the guide above will finish the software side tonight.

Right guide done as far as i am i have done it. will do cable management and get everything neatly installed and then can continue with a clean up of the workshop as want to get my CNC machine running before this lockdown ends as i have some jobs i wan to get done. tonight i am going to call it and have an early one.

10/05/2020 10:50

Morning all wiring tiding day once little one goes to bed.

10/05/2020 15:23

Managed to wire and tidy up t printer. however, it keeps on popping fuses think i might try 13amp fuse. as all wired correctly but here is some images for your enjoyment.

I have wired the lights and mounted the pi to the wall just need to add the webcam and the USB cable network cable and make the mains cable up.

right have bypassed the relay till i swap fuses.

but back to frames as the need to get some shipped out tomorrow as starting to fill up my workshop. also need to finish filming some shorts for my day job. so need to get worktop clear of bits that i have taken off the shelf and move my vacuum press back into the workshop. will do more tonight.

11/05/2020 16:12

I Have been out doing day job stuff printing frames in the background. I am just about to speak with Prusa to find out when i will get the second printer. Tonight i will clone octoprint to the second pi and install USB cable and camera. will also install second power cable and test it all then that rack is done. Ready for the printer.

I will be shipping off some on my sublimation printing stuff off to storage to give me a little more space as we don’t need them for the time being. took some airsoft bits.

I am going to bag up all my guns as don’t think will be playing for a while.then can put water pump bucket out freeing up shelf space as really want to get CNC machine working. did have some thoughts at the failure of my previous attempt. So hoping by Friday to be all set up ready for some fun projects i want to do.

12/05/2020 00:06

Prusa bad news got a further 3 week i will need to wait for the new printer oh well everything is ready for it to arrive. just need to up t it all together. just cloned my PI sd card now writing it to a new sd card for another setup. will then change the theme to violet. going to change the titles to there names. NEON ORANGE and ULTRAVIOLET think I’m going crazy in the lockdown.

more spring cleaning and frames tomorrow and a trip to the office. more videoing for day job. After wife’s birthday is over on Wednesday will start playing with cnc machine.

night all.

12/05/2020 19:00

Not a lot was done today clone sd made just need to install it in the pi and power everything on but that will be later on this week then just need one more trip to storage to put some more stuff over there i will then be able to get the CNC machine up and running hopefully.

As i don’t like having equipment i cannot use taking up space and this is a very expensive paperweight.

13/05/2020 9:54

Another day in lockdown but it is my wife’s birthday so will busy today first set of frames are being printing.

13/05/2020 14:30

As i was clearing a print off the bed have put second relay together and stuck it down. and stapled gun the mains wiring down just got to run USB and camera wires and power up to the pi then will boot it up and configure all ready for the printer when ever it comes waiting on 2 pulleys as well then this little fun project is done will copy guide to its own post shortly.

currently playing will it or won’t it print on the filament left on the spool getting around 89 frames to a spool i think. so just waiting on my phone to let me know when the print is at 50% to do next check as the Prusa don’t like it when the filament gets to the end tends to do a jam in heat brake. so just monitoring remotely.

13/05/2020 23:15

Right calling it a night last prints on of the night. didn’t finish wiring up but tomorrow is another day. in the world of lockdown wife loved my crafting project added lighting to a vintage stage door sign. love led tape my soldering iron and

14/05/2020 14:14

printing printing and filming for my other business. tonight i will be fixing a lamp might document that for fun. anyhow back to filming more updates later on finishing wiring up stand 2 for printer.

15/05/2020 00:47

right was filming till about 2 hrs ago just been editing for my business will get more done on the blog tomorrow as just got to do some place holders and film rest of filming scheduled.

But then will get on with fun stuff over the week end. CNC machine is my goal.

15/05/2020 12:10

afternoon all HAPPY FRIDAY. have been busy with work this morning just had to pause my mask production for 5hrs as printing an endoscope stand to aid with close up filming of products. got to love petg such a nice material to print don’t know once i have run my PLA down might just print with it from now on.

stand all sliced up and away we go
now to printing will come back in 5 hrs

Nice new camera holder works well will be great for close up shots. see below. some m3 screws and nylock nuts holding it together great design can be found here. i have made some mods as its not meant for my smaller endoscope but some tape it works well.

one camera mount done and assembled.

Bad news the UK government has changed ruling on PPE so looks like down tools for the moment will keep you posted.


As PPE production is on hiatus i am going to start with my CNC machine this evening. going to start basic and make a square and a circle basic but need to get my head around it once i have cracked that i will try more complex stuff.

So first up i need to clear my floor space and remove all airsoft bit bits as i don’t think with COVID-19 i will be playing anytime soon so going to bag them up and put in my top shed to take to the storage unit tomorrow.

I will then clear CNC machine enclosure as been using as a dumping ground need to go through it and see what’s in there.

Once i have cleared that going to move wiring and vacuum around and control box for CNC machine as this will allow for 2 more storage boxes for materials.

tools down issues with my laser think its a limit switch.


Morning all well today i will be investigating my laser as need to get back up and running have ordered a new switch should be with me by Monday but here for your entertainment is a 19hr lightsaber timelaps.

18/05/2020 AM

Morning all got last last night so did not get a chance to update my post. lasers back up and working was a lost connection on the stepper motor driver.

Will be moving things around today. and finish off wiring loom for home and limit switches for the CNC as i want a working CNC machine. decided to print another lightsaber with removable core but it failed so going to reprint that today. anyhow back today job. more later.

18/05/2020 Luchtime

print failure argh 2nd failure thought i had cracked it with a brim but no, I think i might try something else next.

19/05/2020 PM

3rd attempt 20mm brim as its got very little surface area.

11% done has failed at 20 and 50% so far fingers crossed.

Right clean slate all stuff shipped off to the storage. So now clear to film and get up to date with day job.

In my spare time will start to look at the CNC machine this week. just going to rotate it 180 degrees and re-route wiring and water pipes re plum cooling bucket and aquarium pump. thinking about giving its own PC to run Mach3 off.

As the last time i started playing with cnc machine i stated running the limit switches and z probe wiring i will need to finish off loom with a quick connection of some sort.

So i am also going to have a quick go at mounting limit switches. past the point of return so time to modify the machine.

As then it’s going to make my life easier as will avoid bed crashing. whilst i learn how to program it. should be a doddle but just for some reason or other not got my head around it but to be fair time was not on my side the last 2 times were as this time every day is the same.

This is my next project in the workshop.

Coming soon as they ship it will be doing a full upgrade from mk2s to mk3s Prusa i3 as been delayed by 3 weeks at least. so some more fun coming up. to keep me sain in these strange times.

19/05/2020 AM

Morning all right all coffee up and ready to face the world.

Print failed as the dreaded 50% just as i was going to sleep so stopped it without a drama. will revisit this later on as 3 failures is enough. for me to re-slice it and try again.

First up going to print an end stop bracket system for the CNC machine and a vacuum and light system as well. so out with a roll of petg. i found these on Thingiverse last night.

Not sure its 100% right so going to print in pla and then if it works will do it petg. all sliced up and sent to the printer.

now to print

all printed will test fit after run to post office. and boy has gone to bed.


Sorry for not posting yesterday was a full-on day of sorting stuff work-related as for previous parts i printed long a short of it don’t trust parts off Thingiverse anything fitting correctly as not all 3040 machines are the same. so last nights idea been playing with limit switch holders. I think i am going to mount directly to hardware using a clip i have remixed. will post images later as very hot in the workshop today,

remixed micro switch holder

just going to take some measurements and look in how to sort the z axis measurements. and toy with ideas on how to mount z fix switches to the machine might need to design something. after looking over the machine i decided i would mount front and size

Going with my remix idea and tabs that i have cut down from bits i printed on Thingiverse that didn’t fit so got my side cutters out and cut it down to act as activation tabs. have used some double-sided M3 tape to hold in place to make sure all works will then drill and affix with M3 screws once i prove it all works.

switch X- is not making contact so i am going to have to drill it so i can slide plate across as its catching on the z switches making contact to the frame before microswitch. not an issue though. will drill and tap it. i will wire all up then will super glue switches into brackets once i have tested everything.

but that will be after the sun goes down. and my little boy is in bed. as i will need to drill some more holes for the Y-axis switches run wiring in series to all the switches and back to control box. then configure mach3 to recognise the switches then should be able to home and test.

See how we go later that what i am hoping to achieve today. Then tomorrow can be wire management and first test program to check all axis’s are calibrated. also need to drill the wast board. and mount it to aluminium bed. I have gone with a thick first waste board as i don’t trust my self.

I know you all say well you have a laser and 3d printer this should be a doddle well its been my kryptonite since buying the machine. fingers crossed this will solve everything and get me up and running.

Little tight for my drill going to need an extender bar to drill and tap second mark. also need shorter m3 screws. I also marked out drill hole over top of channel so i can ge some bolts through it to scure wast board. will do the same on the back of the board tommorow as well. Amazon is my friend parts now on order for sat delivery.

So M3 tape to hold it in place till then. I will tap and wire the bottom Y-Axis 2 micro switches tomorrow lunch. going to add some quick connects for wiring. This is going to be wired from in2 on the controller board back to the ground in a normally closed loopback. i am using in4 i have connected for z probe as if its there i might as well use it. going to use a quick connector for that so can zero tool on the material.

I then will feel a bit more confident to start playing with it. As at the moment is a scary bit of kit.


Have been looking in to things a little more and now think i have the answer to what to do.

As with mach 3, a home switch can be a limit switch as well. will wire homes switches as -X -Y +Z and limit switches will be +X Y+ and -Z i will also set soft limits in the software to prevent E-stop activation.

as the way limit switches work they will activate E-stop if hit. but with soft limits will slow down and stop before hitting switches. the home switches will also act as limit switches after systems been homed.

so my set up in configurations of mach3 will look like this.

port input signal set setup using pin 2 limits and pin 3 home signals but after homing they will go to be a limit switch.

I will then configure the soft limits this will prevent it from ever hitting the limit switches but just incise they fail its better to have them.

I Cannot set these up till i have wired up all the switches in place hoping to do this at lunchtime. Back, later on, to get everything ready for testing.

should not be allowed near tools drew blood but drilled out the base for micro switch holders.

drill taps snapped so have had to re-drill going to use nylon nuts and bolts to hold every thing down got to strip the bed off now the joys of life.

more work tonight before wiring will post updates later.

Prusa upgrade kit shipped. should be with me on the 28th of this month.

I will be wiring up the switches in series in sets of 3 so 3 switches on the home side and 3 for limit side. will do a diagram some point over the next day if it all works. just having a sit down as its been a full on day with little one.

right going to do this tomorrow as now figured out my wiring loom is short by 200 mm.

all brackets mounted just need to solder it all put it back together but happy with progress just wish the man cave was so hot atm 35c back in the morning. night all.


Morning all just been putting together some test patterns in gcode for the CNC machine. going to cut a circle outline and hollow out a square to make sure its calibrated correctly. once i have done that i will start to play with more complex designs.

Waiting on my wife to get out of bed and boy to go to sleep then i can get on with getting my 3040T up and running. want this all finished off today. As then can get ready for the delivery of the Prusa 3d printer Upgrade kit from mk2s to mk3s. but that’s later on next week.

Been a productive lunch time nap time for me, CNC machine all re assembled z homes correctly x and y are in reverse i think i have just fixed that will test shortly and come back to you all. yup all fixed.

now to set up soft limits to stop it crashing in to limit switches.

Setup ready to test the soft limits next.

Right now to test the soft limits out and once there tested i will then test the probe tool once that done. i need to plum in the cooling pump and water put in waste board in then i am ready for test program. fingers crossed will add images later.

Paper weight no more all working over the moon going to try making something proper tomorrow. Just did a simple pattern but homes and limits work.

Have moved it back in to it enclosure re installed the wiring . then cut the test pattern again to make sure all works. and was not a fluke.

It all works bar the probe but that probably something silly. think i might add a camera as well for help with setting it up.

Anyway enjoy the images of the last few days. Last

Right done for the night tidy up in the morning so happy it works time for some fun tomorrow.


right been busy making a sign for my boy’s bedroom well first attempt at a sign I have managed to break my first end mill 2.0mmm well my fault as went really deep and was trying to cut 5.0mm in 1 pass.

so now going to cut in 5 passes using 2.5 mm end mill as don’t want to risk damage. going to cut at 1.0 mm per cut. also getting some ripping on the cut so going to limit clear out to 4 passes. actually preview shows its not going to clear out so will set up everything ready for tomorrow.

I have repositioning the control box as then can keep the vinyl cutter in the cave, I have put the control box next to my sublimation printer. all neat and tidy.

i had a look throught the dump bin of cnc parts i have on the wall and there was 2 more 2mm end mills so i take it every one brakes them at the first attempt. so will run the program again tonight. its a 4 part program so using 4 tool changes.

So program one material removal with a 6mm end mill. then tidy up and clean out with 2mm end mill followed by a 3mm end mill to drill mounting holes. then back to 6 mm to cut the sign out i have left tabs so it won’t flip out. going to also add edge finder scripting to make it al the more accurate tonight. more later.

Roll on making more cool stuff still buzzing from getting things working. right now to finish off the clean up of the cave. then will be ready for prusa build later on in the week. will put a go pro in to film the cut later if all goes well.

i made a think its not perfect but happy with first attempt

Lasers blown a connector so going to be down for a few days. I’m nearly all done in the cave just some more wiring and we are good to go. going to play with CNC coding over the next few days. till the Prusa arrives .

Also going to look at making a dust shoe and finish the enclosure off think some hinged perspex or something similar keeps the dust down and the noise. but got the cnc bug.

got to figure out how to film it for you enjoyment.


Been busy printing dust shoe for CNC machine. i am awaiting the brush material for it should be here tomorrow. 1hr left on current bit the shoe adapter left to print. next projects engraving 3d on the CNC. I probably need some better wood samples. as only have mdf in my stock bin.

over night print 13 mins from complete.

dust shoe printed and fitted need to drop the spindle down a little bit and got 70mm brush tape coming tomorrow think i will need to upgrade my vacume but will know more once its fitted fully .

just waiting on brush skirt and will drop the spindle. giving more tool clearance for tool..

Also fixed the laser was a burnt out plug managed to make a new one out of parts box till i get a new six pin connector. So it then made wife a storage craft box to test out the machine.

Last of the cleanup tomorrow and getting wiring all sorted for the second Prusa so can plug that straight in and then i am done on maintenance time to start looking for new projects my arcade machine i on hold till i can get back to wale.

Might do a design for the CNC machine to cut. to test the dust shoe nothing fancy just something see how it clears a path also want to install the edge finding script and centre finder. will do a review on my 3040T now that i have a working machine. going to superglue the micro switches in place tomorrow as well to stop slippage. right night all.


Been busy few days day job and rental property getting ready for a new tenant. so got home last night and sat down in front of the computer took my 2 logo for a project me and the wife are doing. The brush i brought for dust shoe is way too long so will take 20 mm off the brush, also getting some material pull out but came out well.

Shame it did not come out perfectly. still learning cnc .

Work shop should be done in the next day or so just got a lot of day job stuff kicking around for filming once i have done that will go back to the office. and clear some more space.

quick tour of the work shop.

small space work shop. Got a lot of equipment in a small space as you can see nice and cosy but could do with a bigger work shop.

Right time to sleep. back on tomorrow.


its arrived..

tonight i have been building this bad boy hit some issues but such is life reprinting a part and upgrading a part as changed since i printed parts.

right more tomorrow.


Morning all just a quick update post more on the machine build on other post later

parts are all ready

Parts have done overnight. will try them out later as off meet new tenet and then on to the office to perform a one-man stock take then back via the storage as need to grab the trapezoid nuts.

Back and found another crack in Prusa parts so 4hr print x axis motor end. oh well, such is life just been configuring second raspberry pi Octoprint whilst I am waiting for the machine to print parts. will finish off build tonight hopefully.

Ready for the printer.

More on the build post later just waiting on part to print and i am back on it.

as far as i can go as need more bits due to mk3s upgraded parts.

and more bits needed looks like i got the Mk3 extrude not the mk3s so another 8 hr print before extrudes built.

8rs of parts to print wrong code given by Prusa argh. never mind.

Z Axis done just extruder and elects to wire.


Morning all parts done so just waiting on little humans nap time and will be back on it hoping to finish off today so i can do a test print.

Also going to make a tool holder for the milling machine bits. and i am thinking about making the spoil board so i can attach stuff easily to it. just got to figure max dims without triggering the limit switches. see if i get time. as have a 2 and half year old who wants me to inflate the pool.

extruder assembled x carriage is different arg back to printing bits.

hoping final print of the build done now will continue to build later but now for some quality time with son in the paddling pool.

after another late one and luch time nap time ultraviolet is build tested and calibrated ready for first print later on tonight.

All done now to move it to the cave.

Right all nearly dialed in just need to mess with z as not down enough but getting there. all installed for some reason the power relay isn’t working will look in to that in the morning might just be a lose connection i will play with it tomorrow.

away we go printing the rest of the spooler to match the printer on my Neon Orange one. z calibration square on the Ultraviolet one.

set up doen.

All installed in the cave ready for a tag team print not sure what.
time to finish the spooler for neon orange.

As i ordered the orange upgrade kit might as well put the pteg to use. so spools up first followed by base tommorow. than printing all done time to look at making stuff.

as all my machines are working. and cave is nearly all organised i get back to what i love making stuff. going to take a day or so to think what my next lock down projects going to be.


As lockdown continues so do i. So over night the rollers printed in Prusa orange body is now priting then will swap out the old whit spooler and replace with black and prusa orange spooler.

base printing.

will put it all together later on today once it’s done.

I then need to revisit my dust shoe as it works but not as well as i would like might get a mask as MDF dust aint good for you. also need to look in to getting more wood and maybe developing a cutting test program to experiment with speeds and feeds as info is so mixed on it.

right Base is nearly done just 11 mins remaining so will pull that off the bed later and assemble it.

nearly all done next to assemble it.

fineshed printing.

Time to assemble.

bearings inserted and ready to build.