How much can one man cave hold in a 3.15m polygon

In answer too much, been cleaning on and off an hour or 2 here and there and starting to make a dent. this post has been going on for the last 2 weeks have been updating picutures as i get bits sorted.

Chaos in the man cave. it was alot worse than this as have moved a lot around.

2 rack shelving units to move resize and rewire. one housing my 2 x 3d printers. one housing my CNC router and Viynal cutter/plotter. 3rd work top for my laser cutter.

A this point i realise i have collected alot of stuff let the sorting begin,

Both moved and have changed hight of shelving so bottom parts of the racking can be used for storage and top half for equipment.

Getting there first rack sorted can now see the floor of the work shop.

Right after 2 weeks of 20 / 30 mins here and here it’s getting better just started on wiring last night both working 3d Printers are both wired up just got to add a raspberry pi to each on for printing capture and control.

On to the CNC and vinyl cutter and storage racking. Have moved the shelving up so I can house more storage as space is already tight in my little shed.

moved from on side of the shed to the other have also adjusted shelving positions to allow for more storage.
Just needs wiring up have installed power strip ready for plug in later on.

Right just got to wire up the CNC machine and run USB cables for CNC and Vinal cutter back to new workshop computer. It is starting to get to the stage where I can see the floor of the workshop just my desk to sort out and worktop to order for the laser desk. have put my k40 on it for the time being.

this will be going off the for sale pile soon.

just a bit more to sort out. Then find a box to put my out of order prusa in till I am ready to do the Haribo upgrade in the near future.

Last bit of mess to sort out and then ready for some wiring

Well, the count down has started I ordered my K50 Chinese eBay model in the green and black configuration should be arriving at the office on the 4th march just got to get I home.

just ordered my K50 50 watt roll on the 4th march

Now to get ready my old workshop pc had started to fall to bits so time for an upgraded so reconditioned my old gaming server to be my new workshop powerhouse. started to commission it last night swapped it over from the old machine time. will post some more pictures of the work shop once its all fineshed.

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