Missing my Cave

original design done 3 ways

As we are working remotly from our holiday rental property i have been teaching my self a new skill as you know me i love to learn stuff and the lack of other tools here.

So went in 50/50 with the wife on an embroidery machine. so been learning how to do designs for it as a new skill to learn. its a completely different way of doing stuff but a fun learning curve.

One day might relocate the cave to wales at some point in the future as would have the space for more equipment and do more projects.

will be back with new projects in September.

Yes i am alive

Sorry for not posting for a while been in wales for a few weeks going to be staying down longer as got things that i have to fix in the house and other bit. dont i will be back in 3 weeks for more fun with cnc 3d printing and laser cutting also now teaching my self embroidery so will be doing some fun things with that.

i am going to be with my arcade machine i am going to start stripping it back for the mane conversion project i have in mind. so will be posting some updates.

back to the cave in 3 weeks time ish.

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