Oculus 2 Review + Mods

I finally bit the bullet and purchased a 256GB Oculus 2. I have previously owned the PSVR but had issues with space in the house so have shipped it down to my holiday home in wales so i felt the time was right to get back in to VR. why now well as someone who is going to start to travel again I wanted something fun to go with me on my journey.

well, let’s get started what’s in the box?

  • charging plug adapter
  • USB C cable
  • 2 controllers
  • 1 silicon cover
  • 1 glasses adapter plate
  • head set

So I started by charging the headset as I always like to do to make sure I can test things out so let’s start with the set up you will need an app on your phone and a Facebook account and payment method you will then need to link the headset once done your ready to go so out with the first run app and got to learn movement and grabbing shooting etc. fun for five mins. over to the app store have chosen a few games I wanted to play and downloaded them with a slick interface and easy to use.

lots of games to choose from have selected a hand full of games I will be reviewing shortly.

Battery life is good at around 1 hr 40 mins approximately not the 2hrs that’s stated

functionality so far so good managing to play with a smaller playfield than I could with psvr with the latest firmware update there’s also hand physics in play to will be testing this out shortly as look cool.

loving the updates and more features on the way including streaming high graphics over the net it’s beta atm but looks promising. as yet to try pcvr link but will be covering this soon.

There has been a lot of flack about having to link it to facebook but this don’t bother me as people were complaining they were being baned on Facebook for breaching rules but that won’t affect me as not that rude on fb or chat rooms.


  • constantly being updated games are being patched so always involves
  • a good selection of games at reasonable prices
  • big community on Facebook
  • great for 3d playback content.
  • play games for free in development by side-loading them.
  • good controls.


  • I hate the standard strap too loose for me.
  • Battery life could be better.
  • Misting on lenses when playing physical games
  • Controllers straps

Games I primarily downloaded to play

  • Beat sabre
  • I expect you to die 1&2
  • Walkabout mini golf
  • robot recall
  • rec room
  • metaverse
  • big screen
  • +more

will be reviewing the over the next few weeks I will be adding them to my collection.

Accessory and improvements

Straps now there is an elite strap with extended battery connection I there are issues with these snapping so I did some research and decided to go with the bobo Vr m2 pro strap with the hot-swappable battery pack I managed to get this on offer for £39 its now £60 so look out for deals on amazon.

the strap can be found here.

Next up i wanted to get rid of fogging so again after strolling through the FB group bobo VR F2 fan came up and i brought this too and yes its worth the money no fogging is dropped in price since i brought it now £30.

Link available here

the final upgrade I went for was the kiki grip upgrade for the controllers with ring protection as seen some horror images of damaged controllers and I didn’t want to add to them. splashed out £39 on these but make them comfortable to wear.

The link can be found here

is it worth getting yes it is love it so far has been a blast playing some games yes it connects to the pc as well just don’t have a pc that’s powerful enough to test that out yet but I am sure I will be buying one soon enough

so games range from £40 to £4 for a game it can be played seated or standing up and has a great anti-collision system built-in that you can customise your space for play so you wont punch a wall tv etc.

So far not had any motion sickness but still have a lot of games to test out you can add side loading and pcvr if you have a supported graphics card.

lots of games in development with a side loader you can test some out before release and more experiences.

Yes, there is a way to play a lot of games for free using bootleg loader but I won’t go into this as I tend to pay for all the games I play. yes, it does work and google-fu will definitely give results.

there is a 2-hour refund policy if you don’t like the game you have paid for I am yet to test this out.

There’s a great Facebook group for chatting with other users. one word of warning if you are outspoken on Facebook and get banned a lot might want to use a secondary account for your device as banned in one banned in all.

lots of kids in multiplayer mode but more on this in another post.

anyhow let me know your reviews of games I should play.

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