New Safety Panel for K40 Co2 Laser part 1

As I have had some mishaps over the last few months. 2 minor fires as I was not paying attencion.

One resulting in damage to my perspex window. that and a water issue when my outlet pipe came out of the water bucket.

I have decided to add the following.

  • Water Flow switch which will cut if there is no water running through it.
  • LED’s to show laser is active and flow is active.
  • Temperature gauge to show the temperature of the water in the bucket.
  • Emergency stop switch.
  • SD Card slot (This May Change if it doesn’t work I will replace it with inlet water temp outlet water temp gauges)

I have done my first draft run of the panel and have also marked out where i am going to place the panel.

Next job is to cut out the metal so I can put the panel in and drill holes for fixing panel in place.

I have wired up the temp gauge to the 5v output of the laser supply as I no longer use it due to have C3D mini installed. That way when the laser is switched on the temp gauge goes on.  I will get into the wiring of the emergency stop switch and led later on as I do it.

As I am off to Wales for a few days I will resume the project on my return next week.

Looking to buy a bigger laser in the new year for more fun projects hopefully will be then able to do more stuff on the youtube channel.

will be looking to open an online shop for commissions and goods as on my downtime have been designing some cool stuff that I will be sharing soon.

Busy time of year in the mancave

There has been a lot going on in the background have been doing lots of projects for friends and family too much to fully document. some images below.

Friends  40th birthday guest book

Pen box for my Cameo 3 cutter plotter as I didn’t like the plastic box they came in will be publishing the files to things soon. link here

Turned a friend’s wedding logo into a Christmas decoration

Nephew’s birthday party favours

Built my self a wire spool holder for the cave as was fed up of having to dig out boxes.

with my son’s first birthday and a lot of NCT friends birthdays, we have been making birthday books. with this, I installed a new bed in the k40 laser and had a little fire nothing too bad just need some more perspex as mine got a little melted.

so will be posting some live videos of cutting soon on my youtube channel.

been making dog tags up for a band who wanted something custom using laser bond 100 wicked stuff that will mark glass and ceramics as well as aluminium and stainless steel.

getting the CNC machine up and running has been a little bit of a challenge but we are getting there as I have some commisions I have been asked to do soon.

I have started to design a safety panel for the k40 that will stop the laser from firing if the pump stops will also display water temperature and have an sd slot for updating the firmware on board and adding g-code if I want to run offline. waiting for parts from China and Amazon this will be my next featured project.

I will be installing a camera in the laser to film it in action soon can then show project being made as I do them.

last of all started getting some ideas for gifts for Xmas together for friends and family.


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