Lens orientation on the 50w

Being on Facebook I was helping someone and was told my lens should be the other way up now I have tested this but still not 100% sure I am right.

the principle cuve should be up on laser well mine is down.

so I modified some ones cut test file and ran it in both orations

modified file.

The result I know I shouldn’t be down the cave and suffered afterwards but as you can see the orientation cut better with lens down power was set at 70% which is my laser max point. I then used the power scale function on light burn to run thought different power percentage. however i am yet to see if focal point has moved due to the lens being rotated. that will be my next test but need to get better.

not sure as looks like focal point has moved i might do a ramp test.

so next I am going to design or borrow a ramp test to see if the focal point has moved. with the lens being reversed as this intriguing me. as anyone who knows me knows my mind is always active.

Update 1

I have ordered a lens kit so now 38.1mm 50.8mm and 63.5 lenses with alignment tool from American Photonics should be he in the next week or so will do some testing with that when it comes. will review it properly so far am impressed with customer services it’s on the route from the USA to our small island. see how much import tax I have to pay.

update 2

currently designing a ramp test as want something i can do in 1 pass and replace the ramp after

my little quickly put together design v1

to be continued.

Sorry, no updates I ended up in the hospital.

Has been a tough month for me i was working in the cave doing the Christmas gifts for friends and family when i developed bad back pain, I thought I pulled something,

Called the 111 non emergency number ended up in an ambience trip to the hospital.

They discovered I had a very bad chest infection. During my stay, I contracted Covid-19 that has I am now covid-19 free but awaiting another operation.

So I will resume doing stuff soon and the rebrand but banned from the mancave doctors orders for 2 to 3 weeks.

going to recover and make 2021 a busier and better year.

all the best


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