Will be offline for a short while.

Due to current global issues, i have had to go into armageddon mode, As keeping the family business going in my main priority so once i have sorted remote access for all my staff. made provisions for all aspects of the business. will start blogging again and if we get locked down in the next week or so will have some time on my hands to sort some small projects with my backlog of bits i wanna do.

Complete resin coasters first attempt.

As i have lots of ideas for this will start off simple with some resin and ink with some star fx glitter and glow powder this might be cool it might be crap but intend to film it all the same.

I got some cheap silicone moulds off wish which i ordered over Christmas they finally landed so i have a mix of square and round coasters to play with.

Did some testing for a future project with some glow in the dark powder which worked well might do some moulding in a future project where i will show you how to make silicone moulds.

Now to do a Square coster so for this project i decided to some calculations on how much resin the coster will require as on my test i didn’t have enough resin to fill the 2 costers. so, in this case, i know the moulds 10cm x 10xm x 0.75cm which gives me a volume of 75 cubic centimetres 1 cubic centimetre = 1 millilitre so are going to need 75ml of resin per coaster.

As i am still a novice and will be using my starter pack of resin i brought from hobby craft. Pebeo Small Crystal Resin Kit will be buying more industrial sizes of resin in the near future as its quite fun to play with.

Safety first on with my nitrol gloves down with dead sexy pin Ikea silicon matt to stop mess on my workbench.

So this a 2:1 ratio so now for the maths 75 divided by 3 = 25 ml of hardener and 50 ml of resin out with the mixing jug for me. time to mix the resin do this in a gentle motion so as not to cause bubbles as i don’t have the money to get a vacuum vessel and pump at this moment. once mixed its time to add some colour as want this coster to be spacey i am going to add some Baja blue alcohol ink. I use the Jacquard Pinata Color inks as had them lying around from a prior project going to add drops till i get the right kind of darkness.

Next, the pour will fill the coaster halfway time to add some colour and sparkles and some glow powders going to use blue glow powder with some other colours this is totally free hand may look good may look rubbish but will hopefully be awesome.

got carried away with mix could more so do more. started off with the base blue but also pored one-pot with white ink and white glitter and white stars also added white glow in the dark powder the other with same just using silver glitter and stars and gold ink. will be putting the video together the next day or so just some shots to whet your appetites and yes it glows.

This was my second attempt.
this is my fav one of the 2 as did exactly what i was aiming for and did forget it glows.
great gas clouds perfect not to let it dry.
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