This is where i am going to put all long term projects that i have going on as i am about to start doing a biggie that going to take some time to do.

The Ultimate arcade Project

This is my first long term project as it’s currently in storage in wales 208 miles from London so i only get to work on it once a month so this will be a project that i will make as start on this weekend and will start posting bits as they happen.

CNC Machine

Something i have had for a year and still not go working so going to try to get this up and running as i have some mad ideas i want to put to wood and other materials.

Prusa Haribo Edition

Going to finally get my first Prusa up and running again as it stopped working since i did MMU upgrade and i want MMU working so going to start the PETG printing marathon and start acquiring the bits i need to get this working. i already have the 20×20 frame

Prusa Integration with MK3s

as you will have seen lots of posts on this i haven’t given up just had some other life issues going on that has all died off now so will be revisiting this.

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