New Direction for the site

Don’t worry about me giving up just diversifying and adding my other passions to the site so will be reviewing games and hardware gadgets and more I will and adding more skills to my arsenal. I know I said this before but this time I am going to do it might even do some travel reviews as the world is opening up and I am itching to get out there.

So when is this going to happen well it’s already starting shortly your going to start seeing gaming reviews and hardware equipment. being added here.

Phase 2 will be domain name swap with the new site going live hoping by the end of summer. will be cleaning the blog up by giving them each area on the site I will also be running trying to run a daily blog and might even try some vlogging.

as always I am looking for sponsors and freebies to review as any help will be appreciated.

How owning a 3d printer can change the way you solve problems

So as some on who loves to problem solve I thought I would share my first world problem and solution. So during the lockdown, we purchased a hands-free foaming soap dispenser this thing has had a mind of its own as light-sensitive so have moved it around the downstairs bathroom and now randomly dispenses soap on the floor so have decided to make a catcher so it will go in the sink.

So out with callipers and radius tool, this is a game-changer

now I have some radius and dimensions I have made a simple sketch infusion 360 that i will now take from 2d to 3d.

I then printed a small test form so I could make sure it fitted the operation as didn’t want to make a 17hr print to find it did not fit.

ok so have adjusted from the wall to the front lip as 96mm fitted front but there is a 2mm deviation further you go to the corner. So now ready to print the 94 mm version just need to order some PETG in white that will be here tomorrow before I kick off the 17hr print might even film it for fun.

Time to print fingers crossed this will fit.

so will check back in the morning to see how it’s done as it’s only 54 mins in time to play some VR on my oculus quest 2 before I check in on it again. woke to spaghetti filament had jammed thankfully it stopped itself. So away we go again.

3hrs in will check back later

16hrs om there’s been some warpages on the base but should not matter 1hr 50mins left I’m going to bed report back in the morning.

Well, the results speak for themselves and works well I might add some foam tape to fix it in place as it does move when pushed.

on to the next project

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