Ok time for a new project well finishing one CNC enclosure and loose ends on the CNC machine.

Started stripping out the old hardware going to use a perspex window mounded to the unit with some flat head threaded rivets. Screw knobs 6 on the big window. then going to buy a A3 sheet if perspex and drill the 2 corners and cut a window out of the tool end with the same side panel but hinged on the top end. with to thumb knobs.

going to find some brackets to print to make the enclosure more scure.

will make sense when you see it.

Still not sure if i need a better dust collector going to get a mask as mdf is nasty stuff.

Going to re-run line vacuum line as it pulling the board also going to look at 65 mm dust shoe. to print.

But will work on that going to mount a camera on the outside of the enclosure looking in as the go pro went flat on me last night. then should be able to get good footage.

will start the documenting of it all tomorrow.

Starting to look at doing some fun stuff think i will get some hard woods to play with.

started looking at some dust shoes last night found one i realy liked the look of but its missing the brush part of the shoe. lots of people asking designer for it. no responce unlike most people who would just find another one. i desided to remix it with the brush attachment.

So pulled stl in to fusion 360 i then used it to reffrence shape and made the rest as i whent looks nice now to test it so first job of the day when i get to the man cave is to load the printer with some Petg and print this out.

this is the original design https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2915093

orignal design

the part i designed is in grey on the image below.

bit in gray is what i designed as was missin from download
divits are for 6 x 2 magnets

I also made a inlay for brush strip to be inserted.

now to print it all

Just waiting on the wife to wake up from her sat morning lie in and will put some petg on the printer and start the print looks nice and compact so hoping will be more effective than the last shoe. as was a little bulky also means i can leave brush off and show you the cutting in action. as just held on with magnets. more later.

first part done now to test fit before i go any further.

First part printed will test fit it in a short while need to still dial in the other printer would be doing this with both running.

fits like a glove will now print the cavity part back in 4 hrs if i am still up and then will do the final part the bit i made and hopefully it all fits together. by tommorow will have a working dust shoe so far its nice and compact need to find some brush for it as mine is too big.

after diner will mark drill and make large observation window and make a mock-up for tool change window. then going to fire up my birthday present from wife a mini router and cut the window out that will probably be tomorrow if time allows. will then order some 4 mm A3 perspex and do i attempt to print my own hinges, hmm maybe i will to save some money.

also going to look for a enclosure camera mount or something that will suite my application.

So a bit of graft with some research more later

Ok! I sat down mistake I know just printing tonight will get this one off the bed then i will get the next one printing so by morning i should have a working prototype now to look for brush for the shoe.

second part done

Right 10 min cool down and will go remove it from the bed and start on the last part hopefully will all fit together.

away we go night all back tomorrow for more fun.

from design to production in less than a day do love 3d printing.

Morning all well afternoon had a lie in this morning was a late one. but parts are finished off. Will go down and see it fits before i apply the magnets as i have limited supply.

Just need to do a test fit. and find some brush. in fact that what i am going to do now.

It fits like a glove going to make a custom brush for it shortly might cut a broom down and hot glue gun the bristles in place.

will post remix shortly on Thingiverse and make public will post more images shortly once done hoping to do more on the enclosure later.

to make the above you will the following parts off Thingiverse.



Right Fitted the hardware and magnets have fitted it to spindle works well and is nice and compact has great suction too. just need to make the brush up next. not sure the best way to do this might buy a roll of PVC door blind material 2mm. and cut it down then make slits all around for brush part. limits are spot on got to love fusion 360 love my hobby licences free to makers and such a powerful tool i still need to do a course on it and learn its full potential.

Hardware and magnets inserted no need for glue limits spot on.
fits like a glove
zoomed out shot will do test tomorrow

Have started to drill holes for rivets i will then drill 2 fixing holes and mount perspex on to thumbscrews will drill these holes slightly bigger as gives me movement after i have drilled it then will drill a further 4 holes to racking so six screws in total. Drill batteries went flat waiting for a charge. before i mark and drill other holes.

2 holes drilled 4 to go then rivet time.

Think i will then move the suction hole to the top of enclosure might cut vacuum hose using 40 mm pipework to run a cleaner line to vacuum. going to do a test cut and see how it performs now with the different shoe.

Going to do that tomorrow as getting late again. will take a couple more shots later when i go take the battery off charge.

2 rivets in the hole just need to squish them need to change the head from 3 mm to 6 mm might actually do all the 3 mm holes first so i can then just concentrate on the 6 mm.

time to sleep back tommoorow.

Right been working on a day job in the man cave but have had time to drill and rivet all the side access holes.

I am going to get some cheap opaque 4 mm perspex from the local DIY store. and some insulation foam tape to stop dust coming out.

But that will be tomorrow as will be going out to the office. so will stop on my way back.

found a sacrificial broom to cut the bristles out of and glue into the shoe well that’s if i can get it to fit. The plan is to cut each bristle in 2 and put masking tape around the middle to holder them together till glued.

Will post images later. Going to run test cut tonight need to do some side projects for a friends gift but won’t cover that just in case he sees it.

Test run worked well wow the cave heats up and the vacuum is very noisy might have to see how to get a quieter vaccum.

Away way we go going with less dept and and more speed.

It turned out well going to need to do some minor sanding then to paint it.

all v bit cuts done just end mill pass to run

Just need to run the cut out pass but will that tomorrow happy with my progress going to get some different woods to play and some aluminum.

New 4 axis mpg.

Managed to install new MPG had some issue installing as it was not quite registering as in showed up on the PC but wouldn’t move. was about to send a shitty email to the ebay seller but. held off i consolted google and came up a blank i then remember last one dident like usb 3.0 plugs so I tried that. it then worked i will now to set up the macros as then can press button to do actions.

Did find a video on adding custom macros as want as the system uses it uses its own z prob script. the video showed how to get the mpg to work with 3rd party macros. to add z probe function and a few others. so i will start making a list of macros to add to the mpg. that might be a job of the day as the weather is not on my side today.

Will be going to the local hardware store later for some perspex and wood later. i managed to mark out the base board for its window cut out if the rain lets up later will cut it out when my son has is nap. as then can start putting things together. ready for perspex sheeting later.

little hard to see pencil marks but theirs a window there this is for quick access for changing tools.

right i will update more later if i can get it cut out today. the sun came out and the son finally slept window is now cut now to wake the boy.

Tool change window. now to seal it all up and make it dust proof it.

Tonight will screw it all together and make it as dust proof as possible. more later on this.

back from DIY store, i couldn’t get any perspex so got a sheet of 6 mm MDF will make it out of that for time being COVID-19 limited supply’s.

have marked it up ready to cut sheet down and add holes and rivets then will use foam backed tape to act as a gasket, will then use 3 x M6 screw knobs to hold sheet in place.

Cut the sheet down using my bosh multi tool cut though the MDF like butter. The MDF is temporary till i can get perspex. The joys of covid-19. i then drilled the fixing holes for the panel i then held up the MDF in position. I marked thorough the drill hole on the mdf. i then drilled the marked hole. I then fitted first flat rivet in the hole and fixed it in place with the rivet gun. then placed the MDF back ant attached it using the plastic M6 knob. I then marked up the renaming 2 holes. I then drilled them both and applied rivets to both holes.

New tool door quick access.

I then attached 6 mm insulation tape all around the window to stop dust escaping

lots of foam tape to help dust escaping.

I have also attached cabinet edge blocks through the enclosure to seal it up. need to get some more duct tape to seal to the racking.

its nice and snug

will take some pictures shortly but happy with it so far just need to play some more the system i think I might get a 1m hover extension pipe so it can be plugged in and out.

will measure that tomorrow and have a look at options.

have reprogrammed the mpg script so my z zeroing prob will now work on the mpg just need to figure out what custom macros i am going to install to it.

and it works liking this.

with to door off it gives great access to the front with 3 turn screws about 3 turns to release front and six to do the sides.

door open

I have a few bits to add to this project but they can be done as when i will update and post.

At last a proper review of 3040T Chinese CNC machine

Why i got this machine?

As some one who loves his 3D printer and laser engraver/cutting machines. that all operate on g-code and x and y and z axis thought a CNC machine would be the next bit of kit to get and should be a doddle to progress in to.

Well, its been my biggest doorstop for a long time and with the help of a few videos and the terrible instructions that came with it i now finally after a years have a fully operational machine. I brought the machine at the end of 2017 as got a good deal on it. was shipped over from Germany turned up in 3 boxes. Was a scary thought as the first box turned up on day one second and 3rd came a day later.

Why review this now.

This is being placed here as a help guide for others as limited information on these machines and not much help for the beige machine not the one with black control box same name but works using a serial port controller.

I went with the USB controller version as did not have any old school pc machines kicking around with water-cooled spindle.

the software link was emailed to with Mach 3 rnr motion controller plugin and some instructions for a 3020 machine in Chinglish.

So i built and set up the machine according to guide. spindle fired up and had movement. went full-on with a complex engraving program machine started and crashed into x and y-axis hit estop nothing happen pulled the plug. the fear across my face what was i doing wrong. then tried something less complex again was not working for me axis were flipped and not working right.

My son was born so my life was turned upside down. so it was stored in a part completed enclosure.

Every time the wife travelled down to wales or i had a spare moment or so i tinkered with the machine not getting any ware i then took control box apart to see what the controller was.

it’s called MACH3 USB controller card red card there is not much on it found pinout for the board.

From that, I figured out i could add limit and home switches using, figured out that IN1 was E-stop IN2 was limit switch IN3 was home switch IN4 was for a probe.

Added some wires and drilled out a hole to run the wires out. tried touch ground and end nothing while trying to configure in mach 3 first auto-config wouldn’t work as not serial card nothing was showing on the diagnostic page. gave up again.

Was driving me nuts was seriously thinking about selling it. bit the bullet and re-read the install guide started with a fresh install on the newly built pc. looked at each screen grab page noticed that pin was all set to port 3 with different pin number so e-stop was port 3 pin 1. hit estop machine stopped eureka moment. I then followed these and added 2 and 3 and 4 for limit, home switches and probe.

i then tried to configure soft limits to solve crashing issues. no joys kept on crashing not working correctly. was driving me nuts thought well my 3d printer and later both use limit switches might try that.

I ordered some micro switches were not sure how to install them as all things i found on Thingiverse were for older machines or wrong machine type. again life and time got in the way fast forward to the lockdown of covid-19 as stuck at home and finished off my backlog of jobs in the mancave.

i desided to give my self a week to get it working or sell it. after watching a few videos i desided to remix a microswitch holder giving it adjustment then armed with some M3 tape i stuck mu limit and home switches in place in series so 3 for homing and 3 for limits.

mach3 works that the home switches after homeing become limit witches. so if tripped E-stop is activated. cool cannot damage the machine.

i then revisited softlmits and realised the error of my ways looking at the videos realised that safe zone 1.0000 was 1″ and i was running in mm so 1mm is noting now set to 10mm so has a chance to stop before hitting limits.

so now had fully operational machine. will drill and tap all my switches eventuly but for the time being it works dont fix it.

Would i recommend buying a small hobby cnc?

3040T yes i would but be prewarned as will all Chinese product there if no support unless helped by the community. you will need to understand your bed and zeroing where your material placed on that bed.

i am still working out which software will be easiest for me to understand when it comes to designing love fusion 360 not used the CAM side of it yet. have just made some suff using freeware and free trials.

Thanks for helping getting my machine dialed in.

For end-stops and z probe and edge finder script would recommend Charlie Sarsfield you tube channel got me thinking on how to fix stuff. also has a edge finding tool for zeroing the machine i am yet to install this. but on my list of mods.

would also check out GruBrew channel for tips on limit and home switches and google for series wiring of micro switches.

If you are in the same boat i was please feel free to contact me and will gladly pass on my knowledge.

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