Review: Ricoh SG-3110DN Sublimation Printer

As with most printers this started off life as a standard printer well in my case this is a second-hand printer that allows me to do a lot of promo bits for the cave and for my day jobs the joys of being someone mad enough to run 3 jobs the family business/Crafting business/Man Cave, blogger. The wife might argue that the blogging bit is no a real job but i beg to differ.

I got a great deal on a second had printer load of mugs and some sublimation printing paper.

drove 30 mins out of town to grab this kit and well worth the money i paid a lot less than the printer alone would cost.

So why the Ricoh printer well in my case space is premium and this is a nice compact unit the fact its ink-based refillable cartridge system is a doddle to install and use.

its great machine to learn on as there is a lot of information on this printer on youtube so lots of setting up guides.

as new to this being a bit of a learning curve but getting there finding heat and time is the hard part of sublimation printing.

but once you have got your head around that it’s easy. i am getting there slowly but think i have now found the sweet spot on the printer side just to get the heat pressing parts


  • Small and compact A4 printer.
  • Easy refillable cart system.
  • lots of guides on how to use this printer
  • aftermarket inks cheap


  • sealed ink cleaning bin single-use only have to replace so far looks like will last a long time.
  • issues with windows 10 and drivers have had to run off the LAN
  • inks are expensive if brought off sawgrass

I would recommend this machine for someone who wants to set up something out of the box without having to reset chips and other complications

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