Fun with different designs of wall-mounted spoolers

have since moving my Prusa mk3s to its new home on some racking been having issues finding a good wall mount spooler for it. so have been testing some from Thingiverse and that will fit into my set up. There might be more if none perform right.

Wall-mounted Spool holders tested.

Wall-mounted drybox by Ondřej Stříteský

This is a good 36hr print a really nice design

16hr print start
16hrs later.
rods and screws all installed as well as plastic membrane

The buidl:

Now as i have some 8mm tubing and all the bits have arrived from aliexpress time to build the box and see how she performs.

the print time is 36 hrs per box one failure as my new filament sensor was not turned on doh. hence the 2 tone box. still dialling in the printer.

funny looking humidity gauge thanks aliexpress.

Oh, Just opened up my humidity monitors from aliexpress turned out to be temp gauges so have ordered 5 more from bangood hope these ones are right but for time being they are going to be temp ones till bangood deliver.

the build come in 2 x 16 hr prints for each side of the shell. you are going to need 4 bearings and 2 x 100mm aluminium 8mm tubes 1 x M3 x 5mm. 2 x M3 x 10mm. and 2 x M3 x 30mm. and a panel mounts humidity meter bag plastic from a ziplock bag and some silica crystals to dry out the box.

the 8mm tube is a nice tight fit so i got some sandpaper and smoothed each end to allow bearings to fit better. then pushed them into pockets in the base of the dry box I then fitted the lid and added the 2 x M3 x 30mm bolts to the hinges and screwed them in. the M3 x 5mm holds on the lid catch i had to ream the channel that the plastic nub fits into slightly to get a nice tight fit. i also added another m3 x 5 mm to the lid to help it lockdown this was not mentioned in the guide but works well you then use a ziplock bag to cut out a rectangle window for the filament to go through this is then bolted down using 2 x M3 x 10mm bolts. as i have bags of silica gel i have added 2 to the box.

I then positioned the box to were I wanted to mount it I then use 4 self-tapping wood screws to fit it to my wall behind my printer.

Time to test.

very stiff on pulling out filament going to do some more testing later it’s not working right might be the cheap bearings from china. will play some more with this but taking up wall space. so going to remove it and test next design.


my issues might be the cheap bearings i used. so will revisit this design shortly as like the idea of having my filament stored during our winters.

Next, i tried this nice looking spooler

Simple Wall Mounted Spool Holder by 3dprintaddict

This was a 9hr 30 min print and works great on standard spools but not on Prusa spools are a little wider than smaller 1kg rolls.

The build.

take it off the print bed take 2 self-tapping screws and screw to the wall ready to go.


standard 1 kg roll of filament.

Just to small for my Prusa filament spools. will use it on another printer in the future.

Prusa 1kg roll of filament doesn’t fit.

Filament Spool Wall Mount by dermatin

As this one has been designed for Prusa printers i am hoping this will work for my set up its a clever system going to take 3 print runs to build have finished printing the base around 6hrs to print and am currently running the legs that a further 9+hrs then i will do the spoolers 9+hrs. you are going to need some parts for this build luckily i have all the parts from the days of printing fidget spinners. 8mm threaded rod from previous projects.

Legs are currently on the printer did the base earlier.

Parts list.

  • 160mm M8 Threaded rod.
  • 4 x 608 bearings.
  • 2 x M8 nuts

The Build.

all built up ready to mount.

In my case, i had to cut down a 1m bar threaded with my junior hacksaw. then ran the first nut to end of the bar. insert the 2 legs into the base ad 608 barings to each end of the spoolers. thread the bar through the bearings the legs and add the second nut tighten till not to much play one the spoolers.

attached mine to the wall with 3 self tappers and then covered with the hex caps.

fits the space perfectly


This is the one for me as holds 2 full-size Prusa filament spools and easy to swap in and out. will be testing this over the next few weeks. as I am installing a heater in the next few days i will not need to have a covered spool.

Right finally go this out after a few months of issues and printer problems i can see the light.

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