Making standoffs for honeycomb bed.

This is one of them projects i have been meaning to do for some time.

I know that my honeycomb bed is ruffly 8mm in diameter in each hole. So using light burn I made 3 x 8mm circles and 1 x 12mm circle. cut them out of 3mm acrylic i had kicking around from the laser alignment project.

the design.

Looked in box of M3 bolts had a load of 30 x M3 hex bolts in my box and some square nuts.

to assemble

put 2 of the 8mm circles on the bolt, then put the 12 mm circle on the bolt and finally add the last 8mm circle tigten down with square nut.

perfect for projects that need to be stood of the bed and stops micro fractures in acrylic.

Next Project:

Installing the Cloudray ultimate air assist

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