Adding 50L Air compressor to Ultimate air assist.

As my compressor is arriving today i have been clearing space to place it and have pre bought airline and compression fittings.

I will be splitting the compressor so it will run air tools as well as feeding my lasers air assist.

the compressor will be on its own power source .

50 mm gap all around wow it only just fit in the corner of the workshop.

the word of like a glove springs to mind well she is in and a beast, loud but like any compressor will fill it when I tomorrow and run shut off valve a second regulator with a water trap to solenoid to air assist.

tomorrow’s operation

A nice early start thanks to 3 years old today will fill the compressor with air and get the airline run so I can test the system out later. fills up in about 5 mins but is a tad noisy time will tell might need to look for something quiet in the future but for now, it’s fine.

right have run my airline in temporary to test it as ordering some more connectors to wire it the way I want it to work as will have dual lines in one for the standard pump and one for the compressor as its a noisy beast will not be able to run it at night.

tested it and it’s not working right I have a type B valve and need a type A speed restrictor valve. so have been kindly sent an inline valve to install to correct this so hoping tomorrow to get it running. thanks to the air assist group for help.

part received will be fitting later tonight with some more mods. as doing more than one project at a time.

I am also ordering the other bits I need so I can switch between the machine air pump and compressor.

all bits are now here going to test and document it

So 50L compressor with the regulator set at higher psi than needed to water trap regulator set to 25 psi then to Y spitter one feed compressed air other feed to aquarium pump single exit to the solenoid will use laser air switch to disable pump motor when not in use. I also have a on/off valve to turn off the compressed air when not in use.

In fact i have to run 2 on/off valves as when running one the electric pump hose popped off so will open one and shut the other when not in use.

I have now mounded the solenoid to the laser machine. I might also mount the regulator to the machine but for the moment I have wall mounted it.

bulkhead connectors installed to y splitter just need to cut and splice input line.

Have also removed the L connector from the laser head and replaced it with a straight connector after watching videos about it restricting airflow.

air asset is very good does burn thought air quite quick but nice clean cuts.

Now that I have tested all my connections and system works. I am going to hardwire the system so going to drill 2 x 14 mm holes for the bulkhead compression fittings so I can run the compressed air and the pump air have their own inputs and quickly disconnect the system in the future if I need to. I might upgrade the electric pump at a later date.

Do love a nice neat install.

I still need to add a laser air-assist override switch as the last project I couldn’t get it working right. Now I have a standard on-off switch I will mount it on the front of the machine that is after I test it works lol.

Right all done do love a nice easy quick project well under a week to complete due to the wait for parts.

Summery is compressed air worth it

starting to come together.

Wow yes, clean cuts and a dream so superior to pump air to use. now just need to figure out how the quieten or sound deaden my noisy compressor by 30 or 40db as can clearly hear it from outside the workshop when running.

Next Project:

Lightburn Camera clone install worth it or not?

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