Setting up the studio

Been a busy week, in the man cave setting the studio up. its not been with its failures as my old trust 32″ monitor went poof.

Lucky I have managed to find temporary monitor not as impressive but hay it works. have managed to test the live stream for a brief rambling of a mad man. I have ordered all the bits I need for assembling my first project.

the Mancave should be  broadcasting its first live stream soon. Approximately around the 20th Feb post when i have a confirmed date of parts arriving.

To start things off I will be building a new 3D printer as my current one is awaiting new extruder. will review my Trinus in a video soon as Being a Kickstarter funded printer having some teething issues. I’m sure it will be all up and running.

So will be building a Prusa i3 mk2 to start the streaming off. yes I know its been done by a few people already  but hay I got to start some ware.

then will start printing some cool mods for it.

I’m also looking for some suggestions of fun things to build and print.

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