CNC machine Enclosure build

As I have not started using my CNC machine as yet due to not wanting to mess up the man cave with dust and swarf

I have decided to make a cheap enclosure for it. as my CNC machine is housed in racking I have ordered pre-cut sheets of 6mm MDF.

after a test fitting, I realised I had not allowed for dimples in the racking so tonight I will be removing 12mm off one edge off each board to get a snug fit.

I then cut 2 holes inside 1 for wiring and cooling tube and 1 for vacuum dust shoe.

I used 5 mm perspex for front door held in place by hinges i drilled the bracket hinge to racking frame fixed  with m8  bolt and nut,  I will add magnets and foam tape to stop dust leakage

will be adding lights and finishing it off ready for some cnc projects.


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