6 days of lasering and all going good.

After installing my new 50w last wensday its been a struggle to do stuff with it as little one has been testing at times the but super cute at others lol such is life.

i managed to fire it up Wednesday got a test dot by 11 after getting a lift from a mate in to the mancave basically set it up

Thursday did first popper test was upside down back to front. I asked on the lightburn forum and by morning had a solution that I tested after work this cured the issue as the new machine had a different origin to the old machine. started on first test project worked ok needed to adjust speeds as much faster machine than my k40 so been testing to get the right speeds.

ordered a compatible EPL webcam 3d printed a bracket last night. camera arrived today so this evening fitted it to my laser

have done first calibration of the lens i have since figured out with Windows 10 to configure settings so will run it again as was low rez instead of hd. so will cover this tomorrow. once i have it all set up still works in low rez but want to get it working right before showing it off. i will record whilst cutting so can stream some project in action and also will allow me to align images to material. will put somthing togetgher next day or so to show it in action

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