Lighting up the man cave as i have spare LED tape

As i have a spare 8m of LED tape and want to add some lighting to my very compact man cave/workshop. I have decided to use the leftover LED tape and wifi controller to achieve this.

This is a quick any easy project for anyone who like me does not have a lot of space for strip lighting and needs a quick fix.

Parts i am using:

  • 3528 LED bright white LED tape Link here for the kit.
  • Wifi LED Controller. link for this great bit of kit.
  • 22 AWG JST Plug Connector 2 Pin Male Female Plug Connector
  • 22 AWG LED wiring Cable
  • Cable ties (optional)
  • Wiring Management cable tie pads (optional)

Tools you’re going to need:

  • Wire cutters
  • Wire Stripers
  • Soldering Iron
  • Flux pen

I started out measuring out 3 x 800mm strips of tape for the shelves of my racking.

The first strip of led tape came with a 2.1 x 5.5 connector, I left this in place so i could connect the supplied power supply to the tape and the wifi controller will also plug into this connection between the power and the tape. will show this later on in the post.

I then used my flux pen to prim the solder pads I then added solder to the pads ready for receiving the JST connector wiring. I made sure that -+ were soldered to right pads.

priming the pads for soldering.
first pad soldered ready for wiring.
Just connector soldered to LED Tape.
testing the strip after soldering.

I started to add the strips of tape to the different areas that i wanted to light up. so in my case, I put some above the vinal cutter and in the CNC enclosure, i then added tape above my parts bins to light them up and also above my 2 x 3d printers and several other areas i wanted to be illuminated.

Installed led tape underside of shelving.
initial test of the lights yes i know its messy got to finish finding homes for everything, now to make it wifi controlled.

now time to install power and the wifi controller. just plug-in power supply and then the controller stick controller down. take a picture of the QR code and install the app.

a simple inline device that works great going to order 2 more of these for other lighting sets

The end result is awesome as I have had to go off to Wales for a nice long weekend of RnR with the family i will post some images of the finished project tomorrow. as i didn’t get a chance to photograph it before i left.

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