Reviews incoming after a week off in wales

Been a busy week in wales holidaying and having some well-deserved rest and doing some tidying up. god i have a lot of useful stuff that i need to sell.

been a tech-free week for me but have been busy in the background buying some new bits of kit. I have also touched on some of other new bit but its time i did some in-depth reviews in my not so live posts.

I will start with the ELEGOO Mars UV Resin printer has been featured by a few of the 3d printing gods but time for me to have a play. should be landing at the cave on Tuesday have ordered some transparent green resin to give it a test drive.

I will also be reviewing the FreeSub Heat Press 3D Vacuum ST-3042  sublimation machine. As for my day job i have a trade show coming up the week after next so will be designing some costers, mugs and bottle openers. this is already at the office waiting for my return to London.

I will cover my Ricoh SG-3110DN printer and its refillable cartridges that i got from Ink Experts. setting up an ICC profile in adobe products.

I will also cover my Freesub automatic mug press.

Removal from my cave:

My CR-10 is going to be removed from the cave as ist become unreliable will move it to wales so and revisit it at a later date.

Repair list:

my Prusa printers will work on these probably after i return from 2 trades shows and a week away some were hot and sunny will be moving things around the cave to fit the new equipment.

Time to play with:

Hoping to get to play with my CNC machine as got some ideas for Christmas presents and a bit i want to make.

right time to sleep as i have a 3+ hrs drive tommorow back to london.

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