Project updates before i jet off for a week

lighting i instaled.

LightBurn Camera Update LED bed:

As i never finished this modification off. and Karl reached out to me asking me if it was worth doing. i had a job to do tonight doing some fun stuff for my son for the aeroplane flight. So thought i would kill 2 birds with 1 stone. do some testing

So it calibrated very well with the new strip lighting now i had the head crash into the camera mount think that might be the cuse of my issues. I am currently working on a new mount made out of resin.

As you can see from the little test i put together. did a quick trace using a hand drawing, yes i know next fine artist.

wont win a prize for artisticness.

i then i tested to see if it cuts where the drawing was.

As you can see my alignment is well off and the image is enlarged.

The result is crap, So i think i will look at some videos on calibration as i want to be able to put this to bed. so the first job i will do on my return will look into this and get it all working.

Prusa printers

i will be looking at repairing these machines on my return as i want to get the project that i started before it broke.

This will then lead on to my adventures in CNC and using soft limits until i get time to wire up the end stops. thankfully after i get back i have 1 more trade show to do for this month so can do some more stuff.

More fun with sublimation

going to be getting my head around T-shirts and mugs and some other fun promo bits for the man cave. might even set up a shop selling some bits who knows.

SLA Resin 3d printing

more of this coming up as i learn more about it. going to read up as sure my recent fails have been down to me not doing things right. not the machine its self.

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