Assembly and testing of the curing station Part 2`

RIght finally have finished cutting my curing station time to get it all assembled.

After Friday nighs miss calculation of size i didn’t want fully print base and holder so last night i printed bottom and top and one lamp holder ring of the 4 needed.

and so it beginens
it all fits nice and snug.

I then cut the rest of the spacer rings for the lamp. After doing so i put 4 x m3 hex bolts through the top of the lamp. I then glued each layer and added m3 nuts to hold all together.

first layer glued.
all glued up.
second later installed.
all 5 layer bolted together now to wipe off access glue.

after i had assembled it and glued the light fitting i did a test fit of the lamp to the holder.

nice tight fit.
perfect fit.

I then cut the rest of the box for a final fit.

sheet 3 of 4 nearly done.
test fit of the turntable.
I then placed the lamp on the top of the box to see how it looked.
both sides of the box assembled missing 2 sides inner and outer wall
looks good for curing my prints.

now to add some tinfoil and assemble the curing station.

I don’t like the finish going to order some aluminium tape.
don’t like it.

I don’t like the finish going to order some aluminium tape. malke a smooth finish to it. I might add a camera to it as well to show it in action. will make the plans available shortly once i have finished it fully so hold on for part 3 next few days.

Update redesigned the box to be hinged. picking up aluminium tape tomorrow as want to get make it easier to use

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