Prusa serial connection wiring

Sorry for lack of posts been away working at our holiday rental getting it ready for its firsts guests so been cutting signs for the doors and making welcome baskets and doing all the other fun jobs hanging mirrors pictures etc. so lack of sleep and having an ill baby boy as well. I am very tired

Oh, and my soldering idea didn’t work so it’s back to using brake out headers tonight. wish me luck as want to put this project to bed. (It did work had 2 wires the wrong way around)

my light reading.

Ok, I have figured out my issue got 2 of the pins the wrong way around somewhere pin 4 and 6 were reversed not sure how that happened so might go back to the solder idea as it works now. I am however getting a low power warning on the pi and have some calibration issues with the screen.

Finally working off wires alone.

the calibration issue i think i know the answer to there is a line of code i need to move out of the x11 folder that might be causing my issues. will try that tonight and see if it fixes this problem.

So i missed the following line of code after running this command and reboot screen fingers crossed it will now work again going to test this later as plugged pi in wrong again last night as was tired.

sudo mv /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/40-libinput.conf ~/

Think the screen might have issues going to do a fresh install of the script as now nothing works on the touch screen.

going to run off the stand-alone power supply as the voltage is too low to run a pi3 so have ordered a micro USB brake out cable so i can solder to 2 pins on the pi to power the unit this will allow me to shut down the printer on a wifi plug.

test run before i hardwire it.

Octo pi active and working just got to adjust web camera to get better image will then configure octolaps for some great time-lapse action. have recycled camera mount from my CR-10 as simple to fit.

just testing a quick print. on it to make sure it’s all working before i do a test fit of the control panel
2 test prints later. time to address the limited power.

I will cover the modification i will do to the link wire of the pi in a later post happy now the mk3s actually turns on and powers up.

then it stopped working yay back to USB method for the moment. till have thave some time to look into a fix.

Update think it is the cable as next post shows i think.

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