Been travelling with work.

right got some fun stuff coming up will be posting over the next few days just been working on my raspberry control panel for the mk3s just been drawing up plans for the GPIO pins as will be doing an integrated system this is all dependent on it all working but looking good from my tests.

The layout of GPIO pins on my raspberry pi 3 subject to change.

I have fitted a new tip to my soldering rig hoping its a better for doing reverse soldering on pins as from above you can see quite a few cables to deal that will be hidden by cable management.

have also been 3D printing a few test spoolers that are wall-mounted got one more to print before i post my findings. but will be doing the pi integration project first as this has now dragged on over a few blog posts. lots of highs and lows.

i also need some heat in the man cave as winter is definitely among us as temperatures are dropping into single digits.

I also managed to pick up a 300bar compressor for filling HPA bottles and a scuba tank will cover that shortly as going to be trying some modifications on that if my initial findings are ok.

hoping to get some work done tomorrow.

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