Using Lightburn to make quick key rings for fun gifts on a 50w laser cutter.

Thought i would out a quick video for your entertainment as ran lots of these before Christmas as gifts for son’s nursery they are quick and easy to do.

Enjoy the video.

Heres how i did it in non-video format.

Step 1.

Open up Lightburn create and name in whatever font you like in my case have used army chalk font and my son’s name.

Step 2.

Using the offset toolset 3mm or bigger offset outwards with rounded selected.

Step 3.

Then i add the Ring for the keyring. this is done by adding a 4mm circle then adding 4mm offset as shown below.

Step 4.

Time to join them together place the rights and the outer edge together as shown below. select the outer edge of the keyring and outer circle then select the weld all shapes tool just below the offset tool.

Selected edges before the weld.
Selected edges now joined after weld.

Step 5.

To change the inner test to engrave path. in my case, I have the blue layer set for engraving. so, first of all, I select the text. then click on the blue layer to change it to fill layer.

Inner text selected before i then clicks on my blue layer to change it to a filled layer or engraved.
All ready to engrave and cut.

Step 6.

Settings in my case as i currently using 4mm Laserply that is a little unstable with glue blobs i currently cutting at 40% power 4mm/s and Engraving at 65% power and 350mm/s. now it’s ready to engrave and cut. This usually is around 2mins per keyring. can be done with an array of fonts i tend to do sheets at a time to make it cost-effective.

Step 7.

Wood prep work i tend to go over my laser ply boards with 400grit sandpaper on my orbital sander both sides before applying paper finishing tape. can see me smoothing it down int he video. now ready to cut.

Step 7.

Clean up and ringing of the key rings. i tend to peal all finishing tape and then light sand if needed i then grab my keyrings that have a solid ring with a split in it using snub nose pliers i insert it inside the ring and force apart i then place the ring through the wood and close using the pliers. bit hard to photo there is some over headshots of this in the video.

Finished items. from the video.

can use whatever font you like. to do this.

hope you enjoyed this project as much as i did. great gifts and work out under 50p each to make. did 100s of them over the Christmas and new year for friends and family.

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