Prusa Mk2s to Mk3s Update

Finally after 4 weeks of waiting my upgrade is here..

So whats in the box?

So after an hour of taking your old machine a part you will get to section 15. So all i need all the stepper motors 2 pulleys the led screen cables and cover if your sticking with the colours and that it. Everything else is new. Oh, and threaded rod lifters missed that.

Next up the printing now if i did not have PETG in my collection I would be doing a 36hr print using the 2 rolls of pet supplied with the update kit. But as i have been prepared for a while i did this in Ultraviolet PETG and Black PETG. parts already printed.

Now to let the fun begin. armed with my own Allan keys and magnetic dish and the free Haribo Goldenbears. That will keep me going time to build my self an Mk3s. this will be over several nights as like taking my time it can be done Quicker but I am no pro.

Y-axis and frame are done

so is x managed to crack a part so going to reprint idler side of the X-axis whilst i have put violate back in my Prusa Mk3s .

I saw when building Y-axis that Prusa has updated belt tensioner. so that’s going to be done overnight as well.

10% in then i can get x finished.

also couldn’t go any further i missed 2 bits off the list of parts and thankfully there in storage so i will need to swing by and grab them tomorrow after stock check at office and meeting new tenants.

so will resume tomorrow loving the colour.

been a stop start as over night parts fitted but then noticed motor end was cracked so reprinted it. 4 hours.

I then realised updated parts need different motor mount as they won’t fit if not. so back to old-style as could not bare another 4hrs print. and wanted to get it built. added the missing trapezoid nuts that i retrieved from the storage unit.

so finally fitted Z motors and rods added X axis to Z axis. and screwed it all done.

Went to start the extruder and soon realised the link i had been given was mk3 not a mk3s so i am now printing over night the upgraded bits.

So that as far as i can go today.

back on the shelf till tomorrow.

parts off the printer and off we exstruder motor monunt fitted hotend installed and magnets for filament sensor all installed. righ now to install the x carrage. oh its diffrent looks like another 4hr print. missing 2 bits as the x carage has 2 parts hoping this i my last delay in the build.

all done hoping last delay

think i might run thought the rest of the instructions and make sure they haven’t updated anything else. pretty sure it was just the extruder they did upgrades on but going to have a quick look.

exstruder all done. time to fit to the frame.

Was a late one last night managed to build and install the extruder fit the PSU and LCD oh and heatbed.

Now on the home straight wire management and controller board and we are done on the build hoping to do that at boys nap time then just pre flight checks and we are good to calibrate.

Wiring and cable management time..

all wired preflight checks done time to calibrate my machint.

All done and z height calibrated now to home ultraviolet the cave make sure webcam is in the right location and we are good to go. the mark not the screen is as its off old machines managed to damage a while ago but works fine so not going to change it.

Z cablibrated moved in to its home

needs some web camera adjustments do them later.

will do some calibration testing later now to print the spooler in orange and new control knob for neon orange. will update more later. give my summery of the upgrade kit and build.

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