Still working just not had time to post

Wow, September already has lots going on back in London just doing a winter clean in the mancave. as has been come a bit of a junk pile as lots scrap around packaging and just too. tight on space. so I have been taking bits into storage or down to wales each time I drive down.

as want to do more with my CNC machine and get the print farm set up with my old cr-10 in the mix as well.

So changing configuration around in the shed. also having to rebuild my workshop computer as it died a death. I will be swapping over to the new site. just got to set up a host machine. get the new web server up and running. also going to redesign the site as was not 100% happy. so for the time will continue on here for time being.

But will be covering some repair blogs about fixing min temp on neon orange hoping it’ an easy fix do have a spare thermistor if worst-case scenario. I also think it’s time for octoprint rebuild and some cleaning of equipment and repositioning of the pi enclosures.

so long and short there will be some more content shortly. do that.

list of upcoming blogs

CR-10 can I fix this gremlin and get it printing the way I want as it’s been under my feet for a few months now. first up the heat bed going to replace the thermistor and see if that fixes the issue. if not will work will then upgrade the machine more to come on the mods later.

how to make workpieces jigs with a CNC machine. wife has been out buying gift ideas for Christmas so I want to be able to customise them with the laser. so going to design and cut a jig using a CNC machine. using fusion 360.

Making custom gifts with the laser and a bit of a walk around lightburn software. also going to get my rotary out and try some glass etching with the laser.

more updates and when.

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