The CR-10 demon printer of my mancave

this was a workhorse for a few weeks then it drove me mad I treated her to an upgrade worked for 5 mins and threw its toys out of the pram.

brought it back from the attic as needed the space for a server so for 6 months it’s been kicking around the floor of the man cave or I keep stepping on it.

so today is the day I either fix it or it goes to wales as times run out for my cr-10 I only want working equipment in my cave as space is tight.

So what’s wrong with it well had something fail on the heat bed as it’s spiking the temp to 800c it’s not 800c is 25 max and the printer won’t work.

now have replaced the MB(motherboard) with a newer one then flashed the latest firmware. so it’s time to dig further. I purchased some cheap thermistors from my mate ammy (amazon) who don’t get my wife’s humour.

Time to start took old thermistor off the silicon heat bed, I will silicon new one in place if this fixes it I spliced the wiring from old to a new one I then soldered it in place switched on the control box registering 730c hmmm so came indoors and took the control box ti bits and plugged thermostat directly in the motherboard and powered up all is fine. so going to wire up a new wire from the heat bed to the aviation plug.

fingers crossed as will then modify my machine some more as it’s time to make big prints again. will figure out the updates shortly. once I have done a test print need to order 1 part that will be with me today.

So soldered back to the plug and 730c again think I am going to check the control board to plug the connection. been thought my notes pin 1 and 2 are definitely the thermistor.

so it’s going to be from the control board to the aviation plug so time strips the box back will get to the bottom of this. have ordered 2 aviation plugs just in case.

duff plug or connection but as it has been gunked I have soldered in a new plug and put it all back together and it’s now working now to rebuild the printer.

On a side note, I have 8 upgrades so far I wanna try in my Aliexpress basket I wanna try so let’s hope I can fix this bad boy. as once working will hit the buy button and end of the month should make for a hell of a project or headache. A sneak preview of what’s on its way from China.

I will also look at some other mods for the control box as it’s big and bulky and takes up room in the and space is tight in the workshop. but more on that later.

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