Adding keyboard draw to my workbench

The Problem

Ok, what’s so hard about adding a keyboard drawn to a desk well if my desk was solid wood would not be a be an issue but seeing as I cannot afford a nice metal or wooden workbench I have gone down the 1200 x 600 racking route. and have had to balance my keyboard on shelves under the desk no so easy when the bench is full.

The Idea

had been bugging me this for some time I was going to make my own draw using some wood and draw runners. but then was thinking back to my days in IT when we had a massive server cabinet with keyboard draws. so straight on to amazon. found 3 or 4 possibles but none had the right mounts or size for the keyboard I am using.

I then found laptop draws and that was the answer to my issues. prime delivery next day now to make this fit. been running ideas in my head since yesterday on how to fit it as fits the 50mm gap I have created.

The plan

I am going to cut down 1.8 meters 50×47 mm wood into 600mm lengths 3 of them.

I will then measure and drill holes fro draw mounting points through the wood I will countersink them so I can add bolts flat to lengths will then blot them to the 2 lengths.

the 3rd length I will use to strengthen up the end of the bench will be making a quick release for the table saw, pillar drill and sander. more on that in another project.

I will now measure up the tabletop and drill 3 holes and countersink them into the tabletop will then screw down the tabletop after that is complete I plan to use carpet tape to hold down the cutting mat. well that’s the plan wish me luck

The build

Monday Night:

Hand saw out 3 legs cut. time to test fit them. ok, Need to take 5 mm off each length as slightly too long going to notch out the top and bottom so it fits in the frame. Have one done works just need to set up the piller drill as want my holes to be true then will test fit

I want them sitting nicely in the frame as screws from above will clamp them down onto the tabletop. hold on now waiting on bolts as I could not find any locally so amazon delivery tomorrow. will notch other 2 lenghts tommorow.

Tuesday Night:

Time to replicate the frist length 2 more times and fit every one more time before i put the top back on.

Now to measure drill and countersink. fits like a glove now drill the tabletop. on a roll now to stick cutting mat down as this project done.

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