Modular shelving for 17 ml airbrush model paint and 65mm wiring spools and 200 ml thinners bottles.

so like all my ideas I am sitting in the workshop looking at how to reorganise my paints and small wiring loom’s. So I have a little wall space left and my model paint collection taking up 3 draws on my dump bin wall. so howto free some space.

so out with callipers and measure up some bits bottle dimensions and then over to light burn and make a quick sketch before I export it over to fusion why light burn I don’t have a copy of AutoCAD anymore I don’t have the finance to get one. the sketch is in 2d as you can see below after its imported dxf file into fusion 360.

From 2d to 3d is just a simple job of extruding parts so the base if -5mm then the part holder is +10mm then I add +20mm, paint holders with wire holder I have created a c pattern I extruded the whole thing +60m then find the centre point for the hole and insert cutout 20mm as I know my pipe I’m going to use..

I then added 5mm wall mounting holes to the centre point of the horizontal and jobs a good one still need to design a spool holder for wiring but that’s a 20mm tube I have kicking around.

ready for print test

away we go in petg for the 17ml bottles holder shelf.

airbrush paint holder is done very happy with it.

I will try the wire spool holder next as already have some spool ends for the 20mm pipe I’m using just going to test it fits the spool before I commit to print. also added holes for the wire to poke through and be ready for print. the 20mm fits like a glove.

20mm pipe fits perfectly.

Right after the success of my airbrush paint holder going to print with wire holder time to try my mini wire spools

fingers crossed no supports.

overnight parts and came out perfectly have cut down some 20mm duct pipe to fit.

I am going to quickly design some spacers for the spools and remix some end caps for the project as the concept works just will make it easier to assemble it’s looking good so far

test fitted and all fits got make some spacers.

the printer is busy doing the 200ml bottle shelf so afterwards will run the spacers and put it all together.

Spacers and ends i have put together.

The bottle shelf works well too so will put all 3 designs up on Thingiverse later

might add a new design for resin dye as draw full of that as well to store

now to test spacer washers for the wire see if that works need to print 2 more shelves I will do this overnight I think. first, some tweaks Right inner spacers need to be fatter going to test 2mm in width but that’s the only improvement I think I need to make.

new 2mm spacers fitted ready to find some wall space. printed a second one for the rest of my wire

Much better fit with bigger spacers.

So the modular shelves are born. I am sure i will be adding to the collection as hoping my secret sainter has come through as have two nail polish remover bottles coming my way. well as apparently they are good for isopropanol alcohol and nail varnish remover dispensing as i use loads on cleaning things and a better way to waste less. so can see an added design or more as I find new ways to space save in the workshop..

A fun days project

You can find the design up on thingivers. will do a video of me playing around with fusion 360 as a lot of it is experimental as I was taught in 2d and still learning 3d and CNC just finding the time to have a day playing with family and day jobs sometimes is hard. but i love it.

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