New Exhaust ducting and fan For K40 Laser cutter

As i had a week end  moving stuff around in the man cave as family where away for the week end i have had some time to re jig things in the cave. It is far from perfect but will do for the short term.

Finally had time to build my Prusa i3 Mk3 as my other 2 printers are in need or repair.

I thought for the first print that i would make a new extractor for fumes as much as i love the smell of burning wood. it can smell quite pungent.  when i start cutting other materials like acrylic it will probably not good to inhale.

the reason for this is the one provided with the K40 is a bad  very cheaply manufactured device that i does not work very well as it dose not sit properly and leaks. also the fan is very badly made.

After looking on thingiverse i found a few designs that i like the look of but settled on this one  as would just fit on the MK3 print bed.  with the a glue stick i got it to print in 16 hrs using 0.2 layer height.

It turned out very nice. i brought some 100 mm tumble dryer vent tubing that might have to change as noticed yesterday that it already got holes in form dragging it around the man cave. will be cutting 100 mm hole in the wall to add a vent in the future or cracking a window to hang it out.

i then attached it to a inline fan and added more tubing the other end i am not convinced the fan i brought is powerful enough but will update this if i have to update the fan.

will be reviewing the Prusa i3 Mk3 soon after i have done some more prints.



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