Good News everything works. a load of projects ready to start.

Well nearly everything been getting drips and drabs from china over the last week so.

it alive again after year offline.

Cr-10 is working was a corrupted octoprint cusing it to time out so will be rebuilding it. now its working I might as well do some more tinkering so I have ordered solid state relay and a 750 watt silicon heated bed and cork insulation bed. As fed up of the slow heat up time of such a great machine. and a creality magnetic bed so will be stripping down the machine. probably Sunday and upgrading it.

new heated bed and cork insulation
new magnetic bed
solid state relay

3D Printing a housing for 30 mA meter to add to the new laser as don’t want to risk frying the tube too quick. Well ifIi can get it to print as just tried to print it without much luck it looks like my bed need to be recalibrated on the prusa mk3 so will do that tommorow. hoping for a Sunday update on that.

New 30 mA meter ready to be wired.
printing the new enclosure for the mA meter.
Test print of front panel only to make sure it fitted.

CNC machine z tool probe working. need to play with soft limits to stop it crashing but getting my head around Mach 3 which is an epic program but has a lot to get your head around as not as simple as just running your 3d design through a cutter and printing it. but I will get there soon. As someone who loves to modifiy my machines. I am going to add some limit switches. as it doesn’t look that hard to do. Coming soon.

I have remixed a test card for engraving on materials on the 50-watt laser. So I will know speeds and power for my machine done ply and painted ply going to do slate, glass, laser bond 100 on stainless steel and acrylic maybe some laminated acrylic.

laser ply chalk paint calibration sample went with 50% at 300 mms/
Cheep slate might try some actual natural slate but looks like 65% 400 mm/s

been doing some custom boxes for friends children so did some chalk painted box and cut some felt out.

two happy girls with there unicorn boxes this was before i cleaned them.

Waiting on the lightburn official camera to get through custom/charges to be issued so I can start using the camera control will make life easier for positioning of work pices.

Right been a long week for me as my boys been ill and teething so not got as much sleep and done as I wanted oh i am also rebuilding my OBS studio ready for some live feeds.

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