I got man flu

After being ill for most of the day, I figured out that there is a blockage in my mk3 extruder but was feeling so rough I had to go back to bed. I am feeling a little more human and the wife and son have gone out so have swapped machines. As I need to take the CR-10 for a test drive so printing the mA meter enclosure for the machine and then a light burn camera mount.

cr-10 working great just need to swap the heating bed over

Watching remotely(in the warmth) via octoprint camera only as still need to do a rebuild of octoprint. if all fits will either spray it or reprint in black but for time being.

will post the wiring of the mA meter tomorrow.

5hrs later mA meter housing made going to run the wires thought the back of the enclosure and then down the gap in to the electronics enclosure.

now just finished printing a camera enclosure for the light burn camera that is apparently in the uk just waiting for a custom charge. looks like my pramiters are off by a little just manged to snap bits as i was taking it off the bed. oh well going to ajust accordinly and re print tommorow.

have had to make some changes as was very weak managed to snap the model pulling it off the bed but tomorrow is another day.

had to do some wiring management with USB from CNC and vinyl cutter so made a start on that and installed another USB hub and Bluetooth dongle so can get some tunes on in the cave my built-in monitor speakers sucks big time. added some Kickstarter linkable speakers which work wickedly.

think the new heat bed and the magnetic bed will be done when I feel a little more human, hope to get this done before I go down to Wales for a long weekend.

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