Last nights ramblings from the man cave

Got my light burn camera with a £21.45 import duty today have decided to go with a different camera mount so it currently printing on the cr-10.

new mount off thingvers

do not like it a nice tight fit but will need alot of sanding to become ajustable so I think I am going to run with a different holder for the camera and cut in out of acrylic tonight.

Next up mA meter i have fitted the mA meter in the housing added the 2 nuts to hold it in the houseing.

Now for the wiring going to run 2 wires through the housing of the laser down to the electronics of the laser. I will then crimp the 2 wires and attach them to the mA meter the + sign side i will attach some red heat shrink to to represent live side.

positive connection cripmed
added some heat shrink to make it easy to identify after threading through the machine.
bot ends attached this meter only shows – so that will be going in to the psu

this will attach to the wire i will remove from the psu going to use a terminal block for time being till i decide if i am going to cut a hole in my laser to permanently mount mA meter later on. the – side will go back to the psu.

Wire to remove from laser psu
removed wire joined with temp connector will take the blue covers off tonight and add some
as happy it works.
Working like a champ.

Now to test doing a test sample on some laser bond 100 with stainless steel as 1 i need to figure out speeds and powers. As i love how the guides all say 100% power and i know that will shorten the life of the tube.

primed in laser bond 100

Tonight will I will do a glass sample tomorrow night will just run raw laser sample as will do laser bond 100 as well another night.

Proves that from 65% power to 20% 400mm/s to 150mm/s works well. yes and i know its not laser ply was tired last night.

Tomorrow night i will be adding light burn camera and hopefully get around to calibration and alignment. will do some cable mangment on my newly installed amp meter.

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