This week in the man cave

This what will most likely happen this week in the cave depending on life as son had a temperature last night hoping its still just teething.


Monday Night Going to upgrade the firmware on my CR-10 as version TH3D_UFW_U1.R2.10 is out and mine is running a really old version of the TH3D firmware around 1.6. have already installed the boot loader back when I first got the machine. so will be a simple flash.

Will then look at the probe set up as I think it needs some adjustment as was moved from one bracket to and different one and I never adjusted the sensitivity.

then to calibrate Z offset to make sure system functions correctly on the new bed surface without trashing it. like I did to the magnetic bed.

Hoping to get this all done tonght and get a few calibration prints done. Then i can move on to the mods list of parts that i want to print.

  • New Raspberry Pi 3 frame Mounted Case for CR-10
  • Chain Support for the Z-axis ( not sure about doing this or not)
  • EZOUT filament sensor mount cip

I will be adding an EZ OUT filament sensor to the CR-10 shortly as waiting for it to come over from the USA to the UK so maybe the end of the week might be longer.


If all went well on Monday will start first long print on the CR-10 the Gramazon Print for my amazon dot. will be a few days and nights on this one. but will hopefully have a working copy of octoprint up and running so I can set up some time-lapse videos for your enjoyment pleasure. will post a story on it once it’s done.


Tonight operation is to fix my Original Prusa Mk 3 as it got a filament jam in the extruder so will sort this out. pending on temperature in the cave as if it’s below 10c makes life hard to print. as there’s a thermal cut out. roll on summer can print without issue.

Time depending time I am going to have one last go with the Original Prusa i3 mk2s MMU machine that kicking around the cave floor as I have no space to house it. if I can get it working will then make some space to use it. if not going to pull it apart and place it in a box for a project I will do down the line.


Will be spring cleaning in the cave as have a few hrs to get things ship-shape ready for hopefully a test of the streaming system again pending on how things go this week

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