I am back time to move around my equipment and make the cave function l and get busy to keep my sanity.

Right i am back have shut down office now working from home so will have some time to get bits done in the cave i have been putting off for a while.

first up going to cut a hole in the wall for ventilation fan for the laser will also be moving the laser to the other side of the workshop making more space. Scratch that might just slightly rearrange it as might be able to free up some space. buy removing some bits

First up going to remove the rest of the equipment on the laser current racking.i am going then take the laser off the tabletop remove the tabletop and reposition the tabletop. also going to cut the racking down buy 3″ before I put the laser back on. wish me luck

will post images once i have done this will do a before and after.

Wishing every one well during this uncertain times.

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