Time to help the fight of COVID 19

Mancave prep for mass production of face plates on my laser cutter.

Going to start running Face masks on my 3d printer and cutting face masks on my laser to give to our health service. this is a community-based project please join the Facebook group

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will update this post as it happens.


Update 1 material has been ordered. I have chopped 3″ off my workbench table and dropped it to down have added secondary fan as internal one is not the best. have cut 100mm hole and added vent for taking all smoke away. will take pictures when I have some time to do so.


going to clear up the rest of the cave today to get my printer going to be my first attempt at printing petg wish me luck will post the outcome later. my screens material should be delivered tomorrow. will then run 100 screens for the makers collective if you want to join please join https://www.facebook.com/groups/210620746699307/


Waiting on materials to start cutting the faceplates should be here this afternoon have also had the group leader Darren on the phone as will take delivery of more materials this week and cut more for the group. Materials arrived 100 face masks cut all my material done.

Quick video of machine in action.

Will be setting up octoprint later got a new case coming that is wall mounted. i will then be able to set push notifier to tell me when each mask is done.


Gone back to an old faithful added a wall-mounted case for my raspberry pi 3 with latest build octoprint so i can monitor the masks and notifies me by telegraph when jobs are done or fails.

Back on with printing masks till i run out of filament. just uploaded new design for 2 at a time the joys of pursa software and octoprint link function. so sliced and uploaded love it.

next 2 on the printer running out of white filament eek.

Away we go. time to print and a time laps. will upload it tomorrow. did one was not great have moved printer and currently running 2 more as pictured above. so will show afterwards.


printing more frames was an another 2 am in the morning shift. and up early with the boy and work. feeling a tad tired.

running at 200% speed to keep the production line going.


Right been a few days of work going on making frames all day every day and cutting screens for masks. whilst entertaining a 2-year-old. fun times. cut 100 screens last night will do another 100 tonight.

have designed my own cutting jig will release design when i am 100% happy with it.

have also installed octopod so now get pinged when the print is done so i can go clear the bed and start the next print currently running at 250% speed. getting 2 frames every 2hrs 30 mins

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