PPE face mask cutter for Key workers PPE 3D Support group

This is the for any one who is producing masks for this group which intern is supporting the uk Health service supplying masks to people who have non.

you will need 4 sheets A3 3mm laser ply and 1 sheet A4 3mm laser ply.

Please download the lightburn file here or the svg’s here.

cut each sheet you will need some M3 25mm hex screws and m3 nuts 16 each of them.

to assemble use small washers on the the material holder as pictured below.

wooden washer

you will have nuts and screw thread behind this holds in place when piushed against a work bench.

Next version will have wood en edge here.

Next bolt the edge pieces all around as shown below now your ready to cut some materials.

ready to start cutting.

fisrt hole punch 5 or 6 sheets at a time place in 4 hole hole punch and punch then flip them over and place on the material location pegs.

fitted to the material pegs

now place cutting board on top of the PVC or material.

ready to cut

now to cut the corners using Stanley knife run it across the edge of the cuter board will take 3 or 4 light passes to cut through then do the other edge.

now remove cutting block and place in the box ready to ship. now punch cut repeat.

please share and help other help the hole of the medical key workers in the UK and the world. join and help Key workers PPE 3D Support

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